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Dissecting Something Fuzzy

A basketball and fuzzy stuff
A basketball and fuzzy stuff
Iowa State Athletics

By now you've all seen the fuzzy teaser photograph Iowa State Basketball has released to the internets. If you haven't, well it's above, so now you have. It's red, it's got a gold basketball in the center, and its wording is frustratingly fuzzified in an successful attempt to temporarily blue-ball Cyclone Nation. They promise to enlighten us today, probably late in the day, after they let us stew for a while.

Two theories have already been largely accepted on social media as the probable message:

1) "College Gameday": Gameday is coming to town! Likely for the Kansas game.

2) "Midnight Madness": The recently discussed event is being announced after Niang's successful Twitter salespitch to the fanbase.

Both of those would be awesome. A well-attended Midnight Madness would only further increase the ever-building enthusiasm for everything that is Cyclone basketball. And if ISU/Kansas delivers, which it always does, Gameday would be a big positive boost to program visibility nationwide.

But what if neither of those are it? What if it's something else entirely?

WRNL explores some other possible messages:

3) "3SUS SAVES": In a time of darkness with the evil forces of Baylor looming and fans are starting to lose faith, Naz Long sends a message of hope and long-ball salvation to the huddled masses.

4) "Timeout!": The fuzzy message could just be trolling Hawk fans - no wonder Niang, the ultimate Twitter-champion, is pumped about it.

5) "Dolphin Tale at Hilton": We're all invited to watch Dolphin Tale 2 at Hilton!

6) "Hoiball(TM)": Iowa State announces they've added the term "Hoiball" to the restricted trademark list and wants to rub it in our faces and squash our creative freedoms protect their trademark.

7) "VEISHEA IS BACK": Get ready to riot just in case, drink plenty of fluids and clear your mind so it's ready for poor decisions.

8) "δωρεάν γύρος": That's Greek for "free gyros" and we all get one every time Tsalmpouris scores. It's gonna rain gyros in Ames, even moreso than it already does.

9) "Niang has lost even more weight and he's quitting basketball to pursue a career as the new 6-minute abs spokesmodel": The dude that once had an old-man's game is now a chiseled and sculpted work of human art (who once played with Nerlens Noel).

10) "We're bowling in the NORTH endzone!": Because, why not? We might even put in a retractable roof and three more big screens. Gotta spend that hard-won HyVee CyHawk challenge dollars somewhere.

Now that we have our theories, what are yours?