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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/24/14

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STATISTICAL PREVIEW. Our Daily Bears takes a look at the stats which tells us what we already know: Baylor should be a heavy favorite.

STANDARD OUT. Rob Standard has left the team to focus on graduating. Best of luck to him in the future.

UNIQUE OFFENSE. Iowa State staff are finding the Baylor offense to be one of a kind.

HOW ABOUT THAT DEFENSE? Definitely the overlooked part of the team, but the Baylor defense isn't bad either.

BRILES ON IOWA STATE. The man responsible for resurrecting the program in Waco talks about the Cyclones.

500 MAKES. Naz Long's daily routine includes a lot of shots in the gym.

JEREMIAH IS OFF TO JACKSONVILLE. The Jaguars signed Jeremiah George off the Jets' practice squad.

HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Natalie Vondrak's persistence pays off in the form of a full scholarship.

THE NUMERICAL. Paying homage to just how awesome Ameer Abdullah is in this week's edition.

1-2-3-4. I DECLARE A TROLL WAR. Kevin Sumlin and Steve Spurrier are going at it over scheduling.

MORE DISMISSALS. Charlie Strong is now up to nine dismissed Longhorns. This time it's offensive lineman Kennedy Estelle.

DOCKETT REWARDS GOOD SAMARITAN. Darnell Dockett is proud of the fan wearing his jersey who helped a security guard in a brawl

LEEEEEEROY JENKINS KEEPER. FIFA 15 has its first big glitch.