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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/29/14

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LET'S CELEBRATE LESS TERRIBLENESS! Steve Malchow writes about how this year's Baylor team is better and relatively speaking, the Cyclones did much better than last year.

KIRK IS ALSO ON THE IMPROVEMENT BANDWAGON. Kirk Haaland also writes about the improvement of the Cyclones.

RUNNING BACKS STILL A PROBLEM. The running backs were once again unproductive on Saturday, prompting Martinez Syria's redshirt being burned.

WE GOT ANOTHER FLORIDA CB. Stephon Brown out of Kissimmee has committed to the Cyclones.

AMES, A WONDERFUL PLACE TO VISIT. A Baylor fan visits Des Moines and Ames, and has nothing but good things to say.

BRETT MEDDERS DONE. Sadly, the great white hope's season is over after tearing his ACL during practice last week.

NETTEN + FISCHER = FOREVER. Best friends forever are Cole Netten and his holder Austin Fischer.

VOLLEYBALL LOST TOO. Iowa State dropped their Big 12 opener to TCU.

REPLACING WEIS. Charlie Weis is gone at Kansas, and here's a list of candidates to replace him.

HOKE'S HORRIBLE DAY. Brady Hoke's Michigan team lost to Minnesota in a game in which he left his concussed QB in the game, which is not the first time he's had player safety issues.

THE BOOING IS GETTING TO HIM. Geno Smith didn't react the best to Jets fans booing him.

KIRBY YOU ARE NOT. The Saints' fake punt attempt was just terrible.

MORE KIRBY OPPORTUNITIES. The 49ers gave up a buttpunt return for a TD.

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE. Oakland A's celebrate their qualification for the playoffs in the weirdest way.

NOT BAD, PITCHER. Mariner Tom Wilhelmson has a pretty slick Turn Down For What dance.