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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/3/14

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EXCUSE CHART. K-State fans should be in town this weekend, so you have double the chance for BINGO!

LESS RUSHING FROM SAM IS BETTER. Kirk Haaland finds that teams that have more rushing yards from non-QBs win more, so basically, do the opposite of what ISU is doing.

TRIBUNE (SOFT COVERAGE) ISLAND. Nigel Tribune talks about facing KSU's Jake Waters.

SPEAKING OF KIRK. This is his future, when current Iowa State statistician Steve Shuey retires due to depression.

CORRECTING MISTAKES. Paul Rhoads says his team is working hard to correct their mistakes heading into a clash with the Wizard.

REUNITED. Aaron Wimberly and Jake Waters were roommates at Iowa Western, and they're still good friends.

NO EXCUSES. Mark Mangino says there's plenty of blame to spread around, and he's taking a large amount of it.

WE'RE SKRILLEX. Barking Carnival relates Iowa State to Skrillex because both peaked in 2011.

PLAYING NDSU IS NOW OUTLAWED. Spencer Hall's advice in this week's Acrostical.

STILL AHEAD OF KU! The Smoking Musket's respect ratings have us 9th in the Big 12.

RANCH DRESSING? The most distinctive foods for each state.

THIS JUST SEEMS WASTEFUL. Notre Dame is sending recruits 129 pieces of mail.

BREAKING MADDEN IS BACK. Jadeveon Clowney is the target in this season's first edition.

BUZZ KILLINGTON IS AN ARIZONA FAN. Beach balls don't stand a chance when this guy's in the stands.

THIS JUDGE IS AWESOME. The fan who ran out onto the field to take a free kick for Tottenham got an amusing sentence thanks to a great judge.