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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/4/14

THANKS FOR THE DEPRESSION PILLS, BRENT. Brent Blum writes about how K-State has been able to do more with worse recruiting and how their paths have changed since the two games at Arrowhead.

PREHAB. Quenton Bundrage was already embracing a leadership role before his injury, but now it'll be the only way he can contribute.

IMPROVEMENT? Paul Rhoads talks about the improvements he's seen from the team this week.

#PUNTERU. Colin Downing was so good in his first game replacing Kirby Van Der Kamp that he surprised Paul Rhoads.

WE MADE IT! Way to go, intrepid commentariat... you guys made This Week In Schadenfreude.

HOMECOMING. Jake Waters chats with Brandon Chatmon about coming home for Farmageddon.

THE NARC U. Ohio State fans can now rat on each other for standing during play.

THAT FATEFUL DAY. Texas reminisces about their last meeting with BYU, a day that changed the program.

THE TALE OF COLT. Colt Lyerla is giving us his take on how his NFL dream never worked out.

WILL MUSCHAMP DOESN'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. The fact that his suspensions lasted 10 seconds doesn't amuse Will Muschamp.

TECHNOLOGY! Can't go to a baseball game? Have your friend bring you via video chat!

THEY CLEARLY NEED IOWA STATE'S GROUND CREW. If you have artificial turf, it doesn't require mowing.