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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/5/14

EARLY GAME FOR ISU-DRAKE. The Cyclone-Bulldog showdown at Wells Fargo will be at 4 PM.

REPLACING BUNDRAGE. Brandon Chatmon runs down the list of receivers slotted for more work in the wake of Quenton Bundrage's injury.

A BIGGER PROBLEM. Bobby La Gesse writes that the departure of Jacob Gannon signifies bigger problems for the Cyclones.

THE PROCESS. The football team is going through "the process" of being functional on the field, says Paul Rhoads.

MYTHBUSTERS: BEND BUT DON'T BREAK. Kirk Haaland investigates if bend but don't break defense is a thing.

SO SAD I CAN'T EVEN FINISH THOUGHTS. I did this Q&A for Bring On The Cats, and it appears I can't even finish thoughts out because of the crippling football depression.

VOLLEYBALL WINS! Iowa State got their first win of 2014 against Omaha in a sweep.

IS THE NFL WORTH IT? Matt Ufford ponders whether he'll let his children be NFL fans.

THIS IS PROBABLY WHY TERRORISTS HATE US. The most ridiculous NFL stadium foods.

GREEN CLASH. How Michigan State-Oregon in 1998 and 1999 changed college football.

WHY DIDN'T KIRBY DO THIS? UTSA punter does the Bernie after pinning Arizona. If only Scott Christopherson punted.

WEEK TWO VIEWING GUIDE. The rundown of the games you need to watch this weekend.

MEAN TWEETS: NFL EDITION. Michael Strahan's tweet is actually funny, and Dwight Freeney looks so sad in this edition of Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets.

WORST FANTASY PLAYERS EVER. More teams own Tim Tebow than Chad Henne. Seriously.