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This Week in Photoshops

Bill Snyder boners, framing projects, and where the Hawks make their money.

David Purdy

Editor's Note: CyPike is another one of our new guys.  He mixes that WRNL snark that you all know and love loathe love, and he's good at Photoshop.  Like, really good.

Well guys and gals, it's been a hard couple of weeks to be a Cyclone fan. Actually, it's always been hard to be a Cyclone fan, but here I am to try to cheer you up a little bit with some of my shitty photoshops!

Here is what is happening in this weeks edition of This Week in Photoshops:

Bill Snyder doesn't need Viagra, when he beats a team the way he did on Saturday, it really gets his wizard juices flowing.


Jamie Pollard finally got around to installing the new display in the Jacobson building. Doesn't that look nice? We may need some more room eventually to hang these up, but I hear funding for a separate building is already under way, headed by Joe Jamail Jr. What a kind and generous man!


The Hawkeyes got a new sponsor this week. However, It's too bad this sponsorship happened so late. Otherwise, Kirk probably could have afforded to help his son with living expenses.


But luckily, Brian Ferentz now works for his dad, and can afford to finally live on his own! I hear that he even owns his own apartment complexes now. I even checked Google Street View, and sure enough, there he is living in one of his apartments, which everyone knows saves money.


That's it for this week folks, and thanks for having me on board.  Look for more This Week in Photoshops as the season continues.