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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/9/14

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LET'S TALK IOWA. Paul Rhoads discusses the improvements his team made last week as well as this week's Cy-Hawk showdown.

MORE GREEN = MORE YARDS. Add Jarvis West to the long list of athletes who improved their on-field performance by improving their diets.

GLAD TO BE CARDINAL AND GOLD. A FanPost on why one of our commenters is happy he's a Cyclone.

DYNAMIC DUO READY. Sam Richardson and Jarvis West talk offensive gains.

CHANCE TO IMPRESS. Jake Trotter pines on the big chances the Big 12 will have this weekend to impress the country.

SCHERFF OUT. Iowa's All-American tackle Brandon Scherff has a torn meniscus and will miss 2-3 weeks. Get well soon, Brandon.

AN END TO THE SERIES. Randy Peterson wants Iowa State to end the Cy-Hawk game.

A DAY WITH THE DUCK. Spencer Hall got to spend a day with the Oregon Duck.

HAPPY VALLEY IS HAPPY. After Penn State's bowl ban was surprisingly (and most would argue stupidly) lifted, students partied in the streets of State College. It should be noted that this comes despite Penn State having to tell alums to stop being truthers as recently as this week.

PUTTING THE RED IN RED RAIDER. Texas Tech and UTEP fans brawled in the tailgate lots before their game.

HERE'S SOME ISU TIES FOR YOU. After Dan McCarney's North Texas team waxed him 43-6, June Jones resigned at SMU. The top of SB Nation's list to replace him? Tom Herman.

BIG MONEY HOCKEY. The NHL is generally thought of as the poorest of the major sports, but a new Toronto franchise would be far from poor.

RICE CUT, SUSPENDED. After a new surveillance video was released by TMZ, Ray Rice was released by the Ravens, then suspended by the NFL. Here's a complete timeline of events. His wife is defending him this morning, though. Meanwhile, Adam Schefter is suggesting the NFL always knew about the existence of the tape.

SHADY TIP. LeSean McCoy was either unhappy with his service, or doesn't under it's 20 percent, not 20 cents as his poor tipping hits social media.