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Props to Iowa

Looking for some side action this weekend (not the kind that can land you in divorce court, but the kind that can land you in civil court because sports betting is illegal in Iowa)? We have a look at Vegas' prop bets.

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David Purdy

A Proposition Bet (Prop Bet), in gambling speak, is a form of gambling normally reserved for big events such as title fights and championship football games; where gamblers can wager for or against a certain situation occurring during said event.

Since this weekend’s game is clearly our Super Bowl, and with Iowa’s remaining 2014 schedule not looking as exciting or challenging as this one (I’ll give them Wisconson), we thought it appropriate to offer some intriguing side bet action for you to consider.

Prop 1: First fan to blow over .25 BAC

Iowa                                                     -500

Iowa State                                          +150

Prop 2: First HC to react emotionally to a bad call

Iowa                                                    +2000

Iowa State                                          -5000

Prop 3: Number of arrests on game day

Over 20                                                +110

Under 20                                             +120

Prop 4a: First name in the police blotter will belong to…

University of Iowa graduate        +250 (this one doesn’t count)

University of Iowa student          +200

Iowa State alum or student         +200

KCC student or past student       -1500

Prop 4b: They will be arrested for…

Public intoxication                           -500

Indecent exposure                         -350

Assault and Battery                         +250

Having sex in the men’s bathroom at the Metrodome with a complete stranger


Prop 5: First mention of Paul Rhoads on the hot seat

Pre-game                                            -200

1st quarter                                           -300

2nd quarter                                          -250

Halftime                                               -250

Never                                                   +500

Prop 6:  First mention of Mangino’s time at Kansas

Pre-game -200

First half  -300

Never  +300

Prop 7: Will the announcers mention the trophy we all agreed to never mention again?

Yes                                                       -250

No                                                         +250

Prop 8: Which emotion will Coach Ferentz show on Saturday?

Happiness +100

Sadness +100

Excitement +100

Dismay +100

Prop 9: Will the officials refereeing the game on Saturday receive a preemptive reprimand from conference officials due to a bad call they are sure to make against Iowa State?

Probably                                              -110

Definitely                                        -120

Guaranteed Suspension                     +110

Prop 10: Will Iowa fans continue to secretly look forward to this match up every year while publicly protesting Iowa State as a "non-worthy" opponent?

Yes                                                         -5,000,000

No                                                          Don’t be stupid

Let us know where your money is this weekend.