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The WRNL Hotbox

You have questions? We have opinions.


Well at least it doesn't feel to have as much now after that roller coaster at Baylor.  Everyone was looking ahead to Saturday until about 8 minutes left in that game.  Expected.  And I actually commend this team for pulling their collective heads out and fighting.  But ESPN would have ran with the Top-Two-Undefeated-Teams-Going-At-It story line.  But they can't do that anymore.  And that's fine.  Because having our dearest Cyclones drop a conference game makes this game that much more important.  If you wanna keep pace with conference leader Kansas (WEIRD I KNOW), you need this one.  Being two games back of Kansas has been a death sentence in this conference.  Can't let it happen.  WON'T LET IT HAPPEN.  Get weird Cyclone Nation.  Bring the Magic.  Take your pants off, if it feels right.  "Encourage" Bill Self to get his self-imposed first half technical.  Cheer on your Cyclones with a full heart and bladder.  And may 3sus giveth of course.

Hotboxin' right up in yer shit.


What is the answer for playing aggressive and physical defenses in the mold of South Carolina, Maryland (Ed Note: and West Virginia)? Do we have to just hope our outside 3’s are falling? What about working it inside to McKay more and running some iso’s for him down low? Great idea or greatest idea? I realize that his FT% leaves a lot to be desired currently, but he isn't turning over the ball much, and is bound to make a few of them even if hacked, right?

This question was asked before the WVU game so it focused on the two teams Iowa State currently has losses against.  I decided to add in WVU for some context, but mostly because it was a win.  In the games that were losses, we all know ISU shot as poorly as Danny McBride in This Is The End.  Their shooting was better against WVU, but WVU's shooting was woeful.  So that certainly helps.    But do we need 3's?  YES.  In Hoiball, you either shoot a 3 or get a layup.  If you don't have one aspect of that, the defense will eat up the other.  Iso's for McKay?  I wouldn't call it a great or greatest idea, but it's good for a few uses a game.  I'd prefer to use his energy for crashing the glass for put-backs and such.  It's all worth two points so whatever makes the ball go in.  And may 3sus bless McKay with adequate free throw shooting.  Yeesh.


Why the hell does every Mexican restaurant in existence only give you three tiny little tortillas with an order of fajitas, when they know damn well that there are at least 4-6 tortillas worth of fajita fixin's in an order? Can’t they just give me the extra tortillas up front and not create more work for their servers? Are tortillas really that fucking expensive? Is this some illuminati shit?

Here is my theory on this.  They are Mexican and mostly don't eat like us fajita face stuffing Americans.  So maybe they just think that those three tortillas will suffice and you can take home the rest like a normal, self-respecting human.  But we Americans are not that.  Our FREEDOM says I can eat all the damn fajitas I want!  YOU BETTER NOT DENY ME MY 38TH AMENDMENT RIGHT TO UNLIMITED TORTILLAS.  'Murica dammit.

Or you could just stuff the shit out of those fajitas and eat it with a fork.  Either way.


Several NBA teams are showing real interest in Kane.  Who picks him up and how does he fit it?

With a quick Google search, most recently it looks like the Celtics, Kings, and Jazz have been showing interest.  He hasn't been picked up yet, but if I got to choose between the three, I want the Celtics.  He'd be coached by Brad Stevens, who is similar to Dreamy, and could beat up on Marcus Smart some more.  None of these teams are exciting or good this year so this is not ideal for us fans.  If he could somehow catch on for a playoff team and get some minutes, he would be able to show everyone what he can do and we could watch him.  Like the Spurs.  Or anyone good for that matter.  Being buried on the bench of a bad team that no one pays attention to is no bueno.


How many more kids are going to ditch this dumpster fire team between now and the start of the loss to UNI season? Devine Ozigbo, our only RB recruit, and one of the highest rated, is now ditching us for fucking Nebraska. That puts us at 5 KIDS THAT FLIPPED IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS. HOLY SHIT!

I'm gonna say the O/U on this is 1.5 more flips.  And yeah, this is not good.  We all know that everyone and their mother is negative recruiting against Rhoads.  If I was a hot, young athlete with muscles and someone told me that Rhoads is on the hook if he doesn't figure it out this year - I'd be wary too.  And if I had, or am waiting for a P5 scholarship offer, I would become even more wary.  If the exact people who are recruiting you have a chance to not be there in the near future?  Honestly, I might jump too.  The only card you can play as a recruiter is to be apart of the turnaround and do something special at ISU.  Or just get 15 Allen Lazard's every year who are extremely loyal and lifelong Cyclone fans.  Either way.

Cyer Straits,

Which Cyclone will be the closest to a triple double in any one game this year? And could we see Chieck Diallo, J. McKay, and Darien Williams on floor at the same time next year if Diallo decides to take his talents to central Iowa?

I think a triple-double for this team is almost a near impossibility.  It has nothing to do with talent, there is plenty of that.  It has everything to do with Hoiball and the roles this team has.  But if I had to pick someone?  McKay?  Georges?  BDJ?  Monte?  This is hard.  McKay could easily get points and rebounds, but can he get 10 blocks?  Same for BDJ, but can he get 10 assists?  Can George get 10 rebounds?  Assists?  Can Monte get 10 boards?  I find all of these things unlikely.  But I must pick one so..... Monte.  The ONLY reason I picked him is because he spends the most time on the floor ( I wrote this part before the Baylor game.  Look how smart I am! )  This gives him a mathematical advantage over everyone else or something.  I'm coming for you, Kirk Haaland.

And to answer your second question: Yes.  Dreamy is all about match-ups and this is Match-up Narnia for most teams.  No lineup is safe.


Dear Chieck,




Cyer Straits, (Two in a row!)

Oh great and wise Hotbox, full of gyros and pictures of Dreamy's face...

Will the Cyclones use platoons next year?

A great way to get into the Hotbox is to suck up to the Hotbox.  And Cyer Straits has that figured out.  Well done, you receive two entries this week!  But to answer your question: NO.  Dreamy barely plays 8 guys with how deep this team is already.  He coaches by feel.  So whoever is hot gets to play.  That simple.  As much as I want to dream of this happening with Chieck Diallo, it won't happen.  Even John Calipari has started moving away from his platoon system and he has EVERYONE.  Playing your best players more than your not-best players seems to be common strategy among college coaches.  I think Dreamy will keep that strategy going.


Why do people insist on calling Flip Cup : Flippy Cup??  I mean do we call it Baseyball, or Footyball, no we call it Baseball and Football.  Also on a side note, who do you think would be the best flip cup player on the Iowa State basketball team?  And when choosing this you must figure in all the variables.

  • Clutchness
  • Flipping Skill
  • Trash talking ability
  • Chugging power
  • Other variables

I feel like the easy answer is Niang, but lets think out of the box here.  Cheers.

Well TedFlintKansas, we must be from different generations.  Maybe it's because of all the selfies and twerking but, I grew up calling this game Flippy Cup.  But I have no qualms with people calling it Flip Cup though.  It's interchangeable in my mind, and I hope you can accept the Hotbox into your heart still.  But onto the more important question here...

So you say the obvious answer here is Niang, and I'd be inclined to agree with you.  But you want me to think outside the (Hot)box, so I'll oblige.  So let's make an All-Star Flip(py) Cup team.  I want Niang in the lead position.  I think he'll get in the head of his opponent with some quality smack talk and get out to an early lead.  Follow him up with Dusty, Nader, and Matty T.  You may be wondering why I put Matty T. in there.  He's a sharp shooter who grew up in Wisconsin and that speaks for itself.  And the all important closer is 3sus for obvious reasons.  What Big 12 team could stop them???

And finally, I know I said that I would not include this posters comments anymore.  But I just can't resist.


Seems like a few of us have seen one too many mediocre Sherlock Holmes movies? Bunch of detectives need to go to church because let thee who cast the first stone.. If you know what I’m sayin.

So am I a troll? I let you all into my personal life, and this is the response I get? A witch hunt? Well I’ll take the high road and move on to the pressing issue of the day.

I think I found her guys. THE girl. She was just standing there, waiting for someone to pick her up outside of the Hy-Vee wine and spirits, and boom, she asks me what time it is. I mean I don’t want to call her easy, but come on guys.. She wants to sleep with me.

A few hours of searching my LinkedIn connections and I find her! Serving at a local establishment. So what’s my angle? Head in there for a happy hour, and hand her my card? Or just maybe bring another date and play that "oh yeah I’m not available and you’re jealous card"? Come on HotBox I need support, not questioning.

In ISU news. How do we realistically stop the bleeding that is our football recruiting. We can’t keep a Waukee kid home? I get the dad went to Iowa, BUT NOBODY COMES INTO OUR BACKYARD AND TAKES OUR GUYS! Don’t these kids know we’re bowling in the SEZ for them?

Can't wait to hear from all of you as always.


So you're denying playing the troll card huh?  "That's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him."   What were you buying in the Wine and Spirits section?  Were you just buying Mike's Hard Lemonade for your "girlfriend"?  And since "she" asked you what time it was, she must not of been threatened by you.  Which is good for you because most of us men are horrible sex-seeking missiles.  You must have very soft, feminine features then.  To each his own.

I hope you go into her establishment with your "girlfriend" and when you go to the restroom, they get to chattin' and decide you're THE WORST and start dating each other.  I'd really enjoy that outcome.

And I've used up my allotment of football takes today.  Too many sads.

As always, keep the Hotbox up and running with your questions below.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."