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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/22/15

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Iowa State Basketball

ALL ABOUT MONTE. SI's feature on Monte Morris discusses his passion for the point guard position, as well as his thoughts on the NBA (Sounds like we might need to worry after next season).

FROG: IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER. Seanna Johnson led Iowa State to an 80-62 win over TCU at Hilton last night.

WATCHLIST FOR NIANG. The Lute Olson award mid-season watch list includes our own Georges Niang.

EXPENSIVE THROWS. Kirk Haaland looks at the trend of not-so-free throw shooting for Iowa State.

Iowa State Football

BIBBS OUT. E.J. Bibbs will not be able to showcase his talents at the Senior Bowl this weekend.

Around The Country

BIG TIME BAYLOR. Baylor played a NAIA team last night because they were supposed to film a Coach Carter movie during it.

DAN VS. FRAN. Nobody likes Dan Dakich, but his feud with Fran McCaffrey is all sorts of hilarious.

TOO MANY SMARTIES. Gary Andersen left Wisconsin because of unfairly high admissions standards.

WAY TO GO, NY POST. All the hard hitting headlines about deflate-gate.

DAD SMASH! Angry dad breaks the glass at a hockey rink with his bare hands.

THIS WAS PROBABLY MOLEMAN'S CHILDHOOD. Aussie Open ballboy gets an ace right in the junk.