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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/26/15

Nothing like a trip to the ER on a Sunday night to ruin a weekend, except maybe losing to Texas Tech.

Around Cyclone Nation

GETTING WHAT THEY DESERVE. A slack opening effort leads to a Cyclone loss at Lubbock.

TIME TO RETHINK THINGS. The mothership looks at three things we all learned after The Debacle.

HORNS HOOKED AGAIN. The Cyclone Women defend our state's honor against Texas with a second win over the Longhorns.

COWBOY TAKES QUEAN. Iowa State took Oklahoma State down to the wire on the mats, losing on the final match.

Around the Big 12

DON'T MAKE IT YOUR LAST. Viva The Matadors has five thoughts about their upset of ISU.

NO HELP FROM TEXAS. The Longhorns give one up to Kansas on their home court.

THIS IS THE GAME THAT NEVER ENDS. TCU took WVU into a long overtime only to lose on the 4,583rd free throw of the game.

BOOMERED TOO SOONER. Oklahoma doesn't appear to be interested in helping unseat KU either as they fall to Baylor.

CATS GET SQUARE IN THE OCTAGON. The Wildcats split the home and home against Oklahoma State.

Around the Nation

COACH 1K. Mike Krzyzewski hits 1,000 career coaching wins.  Starts looking over his shoulder at the Mayor.

IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT! Brady gets mocked by SNL for the fullness of his balls.

BEST (NAME) IN WRESTLING. BROCK LESNAR keeps the WWE Title in a poorly scripted and lazily executed Royal Rumble.

MEET THE NEW BOSS. Rob Manfred officially assumed the reigns of the MLB yesterday and sat down to talk to ESPN.