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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/28/15

Iowa State Basketball

"THEY JUST COULDN'T MISS AGAINST US." Kirk Haaland investigates the curious case of why teams shoot out of their asses against Iowa State.

BRACKET MATRIX. Iowa State is currently a 4-seed average. Click all the links and get irrationally upset!

BILLY-BOY HAS IT GOING. The women are looking for their fourth straight conference victory tonight against Kansas.

Iowa State Golf

GOLF NEWS! The Cyclones tied for fourth out in Arizona.

Big XII Happenings

#PRESSVIRGINIA. Get's the +1 in the Octagon, but a -1 for basketball and my eyes.

TIMEOUT! Okie State holds serve at home against Baylor. And Michael Cobbins makes me smile.

Everything Else

SUPER BOWL MEDIA DAY. "I'm just here so I don't get fined."

BREAKING MADDEN. "A BUTT FART" attempts to stay alive against the monster-human Patriots.

THE PUPPY BOWL HAS COMPETITION. And it will break the internet.

HOCKEY = GRIT. Filip Forsberg embodies this grit.  He also has a death wish.

SIND THE KID. Whoopsies.

IT'S HAPPENING. Manny Paquiao and Floyd Mayweather met face-to-face in an arena full of spectators....and didn't fight.

LET'S PLAY TWO. Mr. Cub get's a tribute.  Many more to come.