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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/29/15

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Iowa State Basketball

HOME IS NO GOOD. After another big win against Texas, the ladies dropped a home game against Kansas.

ALL ABOUT FREE THROWS. John Walters talks about how the Iowa State women are leading the nation in free throw shooting for the third straight year. Maybe they should teach the men.

HOOP STATS. Iowa State is the only team in the country with six players averaging double figures.

BLUM'S PREACHING. Brent Blum also weighs in on the "are we being too harsh on Iowa State" debate that's been going on.

Iowa State Football

WANTS TO BE A NERD. New commit Josh Coleman wants to change the world when he grows up, and plans on majoring in biosystems engineering.

VIOLENT. Rob Gray describes Coleman's game as "violent".

AND HE LOVES THE FANS. He's already loving the fan interaction with Cyclone Nation he's been getting.

Around The Country

RPI IS MISLEADING. Kansas is above Kentucky in RPI, which highlights how the rating is flawed.

MIND GAMES. Richard Sherman loves to mess with Tom Brady.

OR JUST PRANK THEM. The Patriots keep getting their hotel fire alarm pulled.

HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWKS. See, I can make the headline what the Atlanta Hawks can't make their Twitter name.

COURT STORM DENIED. Jerian Grant doesn't care that his team just beat Duke... he's not letting the fans storm the court.

I HEARD THAT A. A. RON GUY CAN HELP YOU WITH INSURANCE. Key and Peele's new NFL name sketch features real NFL players.