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The WRNL Hotbox

You have questions? We have opinions.

Ohhhhh the NEGATIVITY.  For some reason it has become a debate this week over whether or not Cyclone fans can be "negative" towards this team. When people are "negative"  towards this team they are just being critical. Just because Dreamy has raised this program's expectations from, "NCAA birth is cool" to "NCAA Champions is cooler", doesn't mean this team is beyond reproach. And with raised expectations comes - RAISED EXPECTATIONS. As the educated fan I think I am, I EXPECT this team to compete for the Big XII. I EXPECT to make a deep run in March. I EXPECT this team to bring it every night now that a target is on their back. I EXPECT this team won't give up a 20 point lead.  And I ESPECIALLY EXPECT to beat Texas Tech. That's how this works folks. When bad things happen, critique is warranted. When good things happen, praise is warranted. We all want to see this team play to their potential more often. But when that doesn't happen? It's a bummer, man.

Alright enough with the NEGATIVITY. Let's look ahead to our coming games. Our Clones have a very similar setup as they did last week but with the venues flipped. Another trap game comes against the Frog-Humans on Saturday and then a quick turnaround down in the Phog for Big Monday. Wonder what game EVERYONE is looking forward too??? This team of Frog-Humans has learned a thing or two since they got #MELVIN'D last year. I suspect Dreamy has more than enough recent examples to show this team to not take anyone lightly. Then comes Kansas: Part Deux. The rest of the Big XII doesn't seem all that interested in helping us take the crown from Kansas, so we'll just do it ourselves (PROVE ME WRONG K-STATE). As I mentioned last week, I will be in attendance for this game. It will be my first trip to the Phog and I am quite excited. I am well versed in the Magic of Hilton so let's see how the Phog compares.  If anyone has any hot tips for the game, please share.

Let's Hotbox this bitch:


Oh all-knowing (and sexy) Box of Hot.

After McKay's Earth-shattering run-and-dunk against Kansas, one of the commentators said something like, "Is there a big man in the country that runs the floor like Jameel McKay?"

What are your thoughts?  Is there another like him?

Oh, you mean this dunk?

But is there a big man in the country that runs like Jameel?  If there is I haven't seen him. The closest person I can come to is Montrezl Harrell, who is a beast.  But he plays for Louisville and they would rather sit down and discuss the merits of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences than run a legitimate offense. But Jameel gets to flourish in Hoiball. Dreamy is like, "Like run really fast that way." and Jameel is like, "Yeah."  It's beautiful and I want more.


In 4 months I will graduate, move across the state, and start an engineering career with a nice, stable company.  What are some last minute college-y things I should make sure to do? I've been to football and basketball games of all varieties, including post-seasons. I've attended the occasional party. I've gotten out of bed in the middle of the night because I wanted tacos. But what specifically do I need to do before my last moments as "college kid" run out?

Congrats!  I had a job lined up well before college ended too.  And then I got there and realized the real world sucks butt compared to college.  So live it while you can CycloneSousaphone, because each day after that you feel a little less free.  So for your enjoyment, here is some of the Hotbox's Tips to Capping Off College:

  • Go on a memorable road trip for Spring Break.  The Hotbox did Vegas.
  • Take part in an outdoor Beer Olympics/Drinking Competition. Preferably during Veishea.  Oh, wait.
  • (Try to) Get laid on University property.
  • Run naked across Central Campus.
  • Weird sexual band things since I'm guessing you are/were in the band.
  • Whatever you want. You can get away with a lot while in college.


So Georges is widely (pun intended) considered our best player and our go-to guy late.  I'd like to make a case for Monte Morris.  Can you explain the value each has to this team?

Hey, Georges is not as wide anymore!  And if you were to ask me who our best player is, right now I would have to agree with you. Georges has not been as consistent as many of us would like. Jake Sullivan had a very interesting take on the situation when he claimed that Georges is, "too busy trying to prove he can be a NBA 3 man". Jake is referring to the fact that Georges seems to be spending more time on the perimeter rather than on the block. The Texas game saw more of a return to the man-in-the-middle Georges, which had better results. But I think more of the reason he has been on the perimeter is because of rotations. If Dusty and Jameel are in at the same time with him, that usually will put Georges on the perimeter. Dreamy will find the mismatch and go from there.

But to Monte. I consider him our best player as of right now because he is the straw that stirs the drink. He makes Hoiball go. If we didn't have the depth we have this year in the front court, Georges' value would be even higher. But there is not much depth at the point guard position. But Iowa State just happens to have that one guy at that position who makes all the right decisions. When he is not in the game, things do not run near as smoothly.  Monte is The Dude.


Is this BB squad another boom or bust team?  Why can’t we treat every team we play with the respect they deserve? I feel like I am still waiting for this team to turn the corner. The potential is still national championship level, but the consistency is not.

OH GOD NO, NOT MORE NEGATIVITY!  But it seems to me you nailed it right on the head.  Monte even admitted to this fact.  But I do give him credit for at least being honest about it.  Maybe after this latest brainshit, this team may finally start to turn that proverbial corner.  As mentioned above, they showed what Hoiball is for 32 minutes against a good team only to make everyone question it all over again.  But I feel like Dreamy has their attention more than ever for some reason.  That Tech game had to provide some good, right?  RIGHT???


It is with great trepidation that I share this, and yet I feel that I must: I jinxed the Cyclones and thereby caused Saturday’s unconscionable loss to Texas Tech.

Any redditors here will have noticed the top comment in the post game thread ascribing responsibility to an ISU fan who busted on TTU in a rather unfortunate way in the week before the game. Well, I am that ISU fan, and my inauspicious trash talk is here. It is a weight that, I assure you, presses heavily upon me.

I humbly submit this to you, oh mighty Hotbox, not only in the vain hope that by confessing my transgressions to the community, and submitting to whatever retribution is deemed appropriate, I might find absolution. And not only to warn other Cyclones away from my folly and resultant woe. More importantly, I seek guidance; now that I’m a jinx, what do I do?

My first impulse was to delete my reddit account and henceforth abstain from all college basketball discussion threads, but then I realized that would leave me with nothing to do at work but work, and that’s clearly not an option. So what, do I spend the rest of the season talking about why and how our opponents will win? Do I wear a Zorro mask for every game? Spend a weekend consuming nothing but Natty Light? Vow to name my next child Hurl Beechum?

For me, for you, for Cyclones everywhere, I implore you Hotbox, please advise.

Oh, so you're trying to take credit for that Tech loss huh?  TOO LATE THE HOTBOX ALREADY TOOK CREDIT FOR THAT.  And linking your work to another platform as shameless self-promotion?  ONLY THE HOTBOX CAN DO THAT ON THE HOTBOX. See?  SEE!

And since it received no retweets or favorites, it's obviously because Cyclone Nation was upset and wanted to punish me.  It worked.  If you don't have retweets or favorites, what else do you have?  Sadness and remorse is what.

And by the way, don't do reddit.  It's weird.


Put together your McDreamy Dream Team of the McDreamy Era.  You can have five starters and get two off the bench.

Ah, I see what you did there!  We call Fred, Dreamy and we did that whole totally serious Dream Team article yesterday.  Well done.  But to the McDreamy Dream Team:

PG: Monte Morris  SG: Chris Babb  SF: Royce White  PF: Georges Niang  C: Jameel McKay

BENCH: Melvin Ejim  BENCH: Tyrus McGee

I'm having a horrible moral and ethical dilemma not including DeAndre Kane or 3sus.  Give me the ridicule I deserve.


Dear Hotbox,

I noticed YoungAndTroubled didn't comment last week.  Do you think we scared him off or will he come back?

You might want to look away.


If you had to choose between being in a sauna with the ocean that is Ryan Spangler and his sweaty tribal tattooed body, or be forced to play basketball for the reigning terror that is Texas Tech basketball, which would you choose?

Oh no.  He/it has returned.  But for the most part he/it has toned down the trolly vibe he/it puts out.  Well, that's mostly because I edited it that way.  So maybe if I just answer his question he/it won't return to his/it's old trolly form.  Here we go...

I'd obviously pick being on the Texas Tech basketball team.  You've seen Ryan Spangler sweat right?  There is a reason no one wants to box him out.  And plus if you're on the Tech basketball team I'm sure you get plenty of tail and live a relatively comfortable life as an student-athlete.  And didn't you hear that they beat Iowa State?!?  Things are gonna start happening for them now...

Shit. Ryan Splangler will be the death of us all.

"Knowledge's surest logic is the lack of knowledge."

-Sorin Cerin