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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/30/15

Iowa State Basketball

MID-SEASON BREATHER? The Big 12/SEC challenge is moving to a single day in the middle of conference season, and judging by the way the Big 12 has gone vs. playing Arkansas, it'll be a nice breather.

MAYBE THEY'VE LEARNED. Georges Niang and Naz Long seem to be taking another "weaker" opponent seriously this time.

3SUS-IER. Naz Long found that defenses have been getting better defending his 3 pointer, so he's extending his range.

TEXAS TWO STEP. Cyclones.TV Today talks beating Texas twice, and free throw shooting.

Iowa State Wrestling

OU DUAL. The Cyclones hit the road to Norman for the first time since November 29th.

Around The Country

RECRUITING LONGFORM. Here's a fascinating longform from the mothership on two teammates who are set to decide their college choices and just how confusing NCAA rules are.

SULAIMON AVAILABLE. Rasheed Sulaimon has been dismissed from Duke despite seemingly never been reprimanded in the past.

NO FIVE STARS IN THE SUPER BOWL. Neither the Patriots nor Seahawks boast a five-star high school recruit.

KATY PERRY CHANNELS MARSHAWN LYNCH. She's got jokes! (also, boobs.)

MIC DROP. The Daily Show might not get the last word in about Marshawn Lynch, but it's the best word.

SPIDERMAN BECKHAM. 33 one-handed catches in a minute is pretty impressive.

UCLA IS BAD AT TWITTER. Jim Mora, always getting hacked.

GREAT TROLLING. The Timberwolves are honoring the return of a former player who now plays for the Cavs.

PRODUCERS LOVE THEIR PORNHUB. The Predators put out some porn audio during their broadcast.