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The Mid-Morning Dump: 10/1/15 – CheapskateGate Day Two

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On This Day in Sports History

OCTOBER 1, 1961. Roger Maris became the first ever MLB player to hit more than 60 home runs in a single season.

Iowa State Football

RUB SOME DIRT IN IT. Levi Peters is going to play this weekend.

Iowa State Basketball

HURL BEECHUM. The former Cyclone and North High School standout is facing three felony charges after shooting a man in defense of his stepfather, a Glenwood, IA, principal.


THE STORY. In case you somehow missed this yesterday, here's the article from Travis Hines alleging some troubled times (financially and otherwise) between Fred Hoiberg's Cyclones and the athletic administration.

Not long after it was published, Jamie Pollard and Fred Hoiberg took to Murph and Andy to respond.

Around The Country


THE WASHINGTON TEAM. The Eagles removed any mention of "Redskins" from their media guide this week.

I'M DRUNK. I'M DRUNK, MAN. Blue Jays infielder Munenori Kawasaki gave the BEST POSSIBLE celebratory postgame interview after clinching the AL East division title.

GET 'EM, MOM AND DAD. A group of high school football parents allegedly stormed an opponent's locker room and beat up the players.

DON'T FIGHT AT RESTAURANTS. But if you do, fight at these.

TRY NOT TO VOMIT ON YOUR KEYBOARD. But the St. Louis Cardinals won their 100th game last night, clinching the NL Central division title.

EERS-SOONERS. Bill Connelly suggests the winner of Saturday's showdown in Norman (11:00 AM kick, sorry guys) should at least be considered a co-favorite to win the Big 12 (LOOK AT THE PROJECTED WIN PROBABILITIES).

KERWIN ROACH CAN FLY, WHICH SEEMS UNFAIR. The Texas freshman jumped and then dear god...

THE JIMMY BUFFET SEAL OF APPROVAL. An Ole Miss student has started a petition to change the school mascot from a black bear to a landshark, which preliminary research indicates could be this:


OHHHHHHHHHH SHIT! Texas A&M regent Tony Buzbee says the Aggies need to schedule Texas because they "need some cupcake games."

#BEARTACO UPDATE. The over/under for Baylor-Texas Tech has reached 90.5 — the highest ever recorded.