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This Week In GIFs: Texas Tech

We'd call it a slow death in Lubbock, but that'd be too nice.

Zorro Was The Worst.
Zorro Was The Worst.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone's Mood Going Into This Game.

It Looks Like We're Headed For A Shootout.

Except Iowa State Brought A Knife To A Gunfight.

Allen Lazard Won't Be Stopped By Texas Tech Defenders.

Edit: Whaat, FP 3 days a row, thanks ^^

Iowa State Readies Itself For A Second Half Fight.

Sam Richardson's Performance On The Day

But Mangino Doesn't Want To Run The Ball Too Much.

Even Though Mike Warren Is Quite The Downhill Runner.

Seriously, This Kid Is Better Than Sam Was On Saturday.

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Texas Tech Adding Insult To Death.

If Paul Rhoads Admits The Team Was Afraid Of Texas Tech, He Should Know That TCU's Coming To Town Next!

Is The Team Even Going To Get Out Of Bed For Baylor?

Even The Rhoads' Family Cat Is Brown Bagging In Shame At This Point.

The Closest This Team Will Come To A Tropical Bowl Game.

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