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The Mid-Morning Dump: We've Already Lost

TCU comes to town on Saturday, and if you listen to the coaches you'd think we already lost.

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Iowa State Football

RESPECT OR DEFEAT? Iowa State's defense is showing TCU's offense plenty of respect, but listening to the coaches tell it we may have already lost.

ALL OFFENSE. TCU is a ridiculously high-powered offense that does everything well. In other news, water is wet.

CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED, INDEED. The Iowa State Daily has always been known for hit or miss editorials, but Max Dible underscores the problems facing Iowa State with this passage:

There were several instances in Iowa State's 66-31 defeat at Texas Tech last weekend in which the team operated counterintuitively to that strategy. The most prevalent was perhaps when the Cyclones opted for a field goal on 4th and 1 from the 1-yard line while trailing by 17 points in the middle of the third quarter.

The move made two conflicting statements. The first was that the ISU coaching staff accepted the reality of a three-score game, took the points necessary to make it a two-score game and trusted its team's ability to position itself for a comeback.

The second was that the coaches didn't trust the ISU players enough to gain the one crucial yard that could have applied some pressure to the Red Raiders down the stretch.

LANRAM EMERGENCE. Is it time for LanRam? Possibly.

NO ONE IN TEXAS LIKES US. They are predicting a TCU blowout, but even they can figure out you ride Mike Warren until he breaks down.

Iowa State Basketball

FIZER RETURNS. Marcus Fizer is back in Ames for this weekend's Hall of Fame induction, and he definitely missed the place.

Around the Country

THIS IS THE CATCH OF THE YEAR. And it came in Stanford's blowout of UCLA.

THE THURSDAY RECAP. Read about what else happened last night.

LOOKING AT WEEK 7. More undefeateds will fall and this will be a separation weekend for a lot of teams. On the plus side, TCU only has a 69% chance of winning according to Bill Connelly!

BERT GOES VIRAL. So Bret Bielma celebrating a penalty he drew against Alabama is a thing now? Ok then.

NEVADA ISN'T BUYING IT. Nevada rules that daily fantasy sports are the same as gambling.

TANNEHELL. Breaking Madden is here and putting in Ryan Tannehill in his own personal hell.