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Iowa State Football

YEAH, WE DON'T KNOW EITHER. Paul Rhoads is left searching for answers after another loss.

WE WILL FIX THIS. Sage Rosenfels knows the program isn't doing well right now, but he's sure it'll get better.

WITNESS PROTECTION MAYBE? Jared Stansbury, like the rest of us, wonders where riverboat Rhoads went in the second half.

A BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS. Iowa State lost again, but may have found a blueprint for winning.

LANNING'S PERPLEXED. Joel Lanning talks about his lack of snaps after his TD throw.

DON'T TALK. Jaypee Phibert wants an explanation from a ref. NOT THE RIGHT TIME.

GOOD GUY TREVONE. He's a pretty good at doing things other than racking up yardage on Iowa State.

Iowa State Volleyball

TAKE THAT, TCU. The ladies beat TCU 3-1 at Hilton Coliseum.

Around The Country

OH MY, OU. A week after inexplicably losing to Texas, Oklahoma stomped Kansas State.

DON'T BE A DICK. After Michigan's punter blew a win by fumbling a snap, the awful tweets directed towards him were so bad that Michigan's AD had to tell people to stop being terrible.

MAYBE THAT'S HOW THEY LOST. Hugh Freeze was unable to call Memphis QB Paxton Lynch by his correct name.

BAYLOR LOVES 300 POUND TDS. Baylor is so good at rolling up points that they use 300 pounders to score them.

HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO WORK. How the Colts' terrible trick play could have worked.

MAYBE NOT THE BEST TIME FOR THIS. Chuck Pagano's question requests are mostly about that play.

UNBLOCKED BLOCK. Jamie Collins figured out the best way to block a kick... just skip the blockers.

IS THE PIRATE BACK? After beating Oregon last week, Washington State blew out Oregon State.

WELL, THAT'S GROSS. Julian Edelman's pinky looks disgusting, and it's probably responsible for a pick-six.

KINDA DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. If you're going to put a player on a stretcher, it's probably best not to drop him.

TOUCHE, SIR. Not much defense for this burn on Toronto from a Royals fan.