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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kansas Comes to Town

Iowa State Football

KANSAS PREVIEWS. Offensive coordinator Mark Mangino previews the Kansas defense, and Wally Burnham gives the same treatment to the Kansas offense.

NO UNDERDOG HERE. The Cyclones are trying to shed the underdog mentality when they welcome an overmatched Jayhawk squad to town.

GRASPING AT AIR. In order to really improve the run defense, Iowa State has to work on their tackling technique.

HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER? How Allen Lazard finally took weightlifting seriously.

WIN THE FAMILY FIRST. Recruiting is about winning over the family more than the player sometimes.

Iowa State Wrestling

BIG 12 4 LIFE. Kyven Gadson is part of a new commercial series for the Big 12 Conference that highlights his accolades and how he achieved success.

Around the Country

SOMEHOW THIS IS WHAT RHOADS WILL DO. We've been pounding on Paul Rhoads to be more aggressive on 4th down, but let's hope he's smarter than Mike Tomlin was last night.

RGIII SACKS WASHINGTON. Over, and over, and over, and over again in this week's Breaking Madden.

IT'S GETTING COLDER. Which means it's almost time for the start of the NHL season. Get caught up with the mothership's comprehensive preview.

OCTOBER = EXCITING FOOTBALL. Conference season is beginning throughout the country, and it means more exciting football in this week's preview.

PRETENDER OR CONTENDER? Is Georgia ready to step in to the realm of a contender, or will Alabama flex their muscle again?

TOP 10 DEFENSE IN MORGANTOWN. How the Mountaineers are playing top 10 defense and what it means for their match up in Norman this weekend.