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The Mid-Morning Dump - Bring Your Tarp, It Gonna Rain

The Cyclones head to Wet Waco for a date with Baylor. Perhaps bringing a canoe will keep things close.

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Helping Abby

The donation page for Abby Faber has crossed $23K as of this writing. If you haven't donated already, please give it some thought.

Iowa State Football

MIKE WARREN IS SO GOOD OTHERS WRITE ABOUT HIM. It's not often you see a situation where writers covering opposing teams write about  our players and their actual production, but that's the case with the feature on Mike Warren in the Waco Tribune.

SHAWN OAKMAN IS NO SLOUCH EITHER. And Jake Campos will have his hands full with the All-American tomorrow.

I WONDER IF THE STANDS ARE FULL. Iowa State is using a virtual reality recreation of the entrance to Jack Trice Stadium to entice recruits.

BOWLSBY DEMANDS DEFENSE. Bob Bowslby supports the high flying nature of Big XII offenses, but feels they don't play enough defense to win championships.

Iowa State Basketball

KANSAS REIGNS SUPREME. But Monte Morris is a First Team All Big 12 point guard in the preview from NBC Sports.

Iowa State Wrestling

NEW FACES, NEW BENEFITS. You probably didn't know that the Big XII added new schools for wrestling starting this season, and it's all to ensure the conference can once again have automatic qualifier spots for the NCAAs.

Around the Country

TROJAN WAR. UCLA and Cal got their bands together to re-enact the fall of the Trojans, and then UCLA put a pasting on the Golden Bears.

THANKS IN PART TO THIS KICK. Paul Rhoads isn't the only one who likes to put his kickers in tough spots. Of course UCLA's kicker made this 60 yarder and it was at the end of the half. Come to think of it, this isn't anything like what Paul Rhoads does.

WEEK 8 ISN'T PRETTY. Only one top 25 match up this weekend, but there's the annual Oklahoma beat down of a resurgent Texas Tech as well.

PARTY CRASHERS. There's a whole host of Group of 5 undefeateds and one could crash the New Year's Day bowls this year.

THEY COULD USE OUR RIOT ADVICE... OR NOT. A JUCO game was called before halftime due to a fight breaking out.

NB-EH. The mothership has a slick, stylized preview for the NBA.

IF AZN PLAYED BASKETBALL HE'D TRY THIS. Stephen Curry threw an alley-oop underhanded from midcourt.

BITTER BITTER BITTER. Look Cubs fans, you had a great year and I even cheered for you, but making a pedantry laced tirade against TBS' broadcasts isn't going to help get over the pain of a sweep at the hands of the LOL Mets. This is the equivalent of us bitching about ESPN's scoreboard ticking up too quickly because Baylor keeps scoring.

DISTRACT YOURSELF WITH SOME WRASSLIN'. Is the WWE leaning too heavily on their "Legends"? Probably.