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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hoiberg Follows Up UAB Loss by Beating LeBron James

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Iowa State Football

YOU GET A WATCH LIST! Dale Pierson was named to Hendricks Award midseason list, and Mike Warren was named to the Doak Walker Award watch list.

BUSY BEE. Our new offensive coordinator, Todd Sturdy, says his life is busy these days.

BUSY, BUT COMFORTABLE. The good news is, Sturdy is comfortable with his new role on the team.

SOME GOOD NEWS. Cotton-Moya is working hard to heal up, Lazard could play Saturday, the kicking competition is going great and Wally Burnham got 15 stitches to seal up his own injury.

HE SPEAKS! Why does Jamie Pollard block so many people on Twitter? That answer right here.

BREAKING DOWN LANRAM. The Ames Trib's Bobby La Gesse takes a shot at predicting what the ISU offense will look like with more Joel Lanning.

Dreamy and the NBA

BEST WIN % EVER! The Bulls and new head coach Fred Hoiberg won their opening game against Cleveland last night.

PRESIDENT WATCHED THE MAYOR. Obama was in the house to take in the Bulls-Cavs game.

BOOM BOOM PAU! Pau Gasol stuffed LeBron James' game-tying attempt in the waning moments of last night's game.

POST GAME PRESSER. Here's Fred's post game interview with the media. Disregard the "phone recording the TV" method.

STEPH GONNA STEPH. Your daily reminder that Stephen Curry is not human.

TO THE HATERS. Andrew Bogut got his championship ring, then put it on his middle finger.

Around the Country

ROYALS WIN! Kansas City beat the Mets in the longest World Series game EVER last night to take a 1-0 series lead.

WHERE'S LUKE? Deadspin takes a shot at the big question surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

NEXT MAN IN. Baylor's Jarrett Stidham is no ordinary freshman starting quarterback.

BOOMER. The Mothership's preseason look at Oklahoma basketball dropped yesterday. They came in at #9 in the SB Nation preseason rankings.

TO: WOMEN. FROM: GOD. Women are getting the gift of Nick Young with his "gift from God" Halloween costume.

YOU LIKE THAT? Washington Redskins quarterback, Kirk Cousins, has already made shirts featuring his viral reaction.

HARBAUGH HUSTLIN'. Want more candy? Go to houses twice in two different costumes on Halloween, says terrible man Jim Harbaugh.

THE WALK OFF. Here's the Royals' walk-off last night in all its glory.