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The Official WRNL 2015 Halloween Costume Guide

Need a last minute costume? WRNL has got you (and your Cyclone football related shame) covered!

If you're like me (which you all know you strive to be) Halloween is the most anticipated holiday of the year. Marking the meat and bones point of fall right before the weather slides toward frigid, it's a selfish night that is scheduled perfectly before the gauntlet of stressful, family-related holidays. No huge meal to cook or dishes to wash while your family naps... No itchy sweaters and insanity-inducing Christmas tunes... No wracking your brain for inoffensive coworker gifts (No one cares that you're on a gluten free diet, Linda! Just eat the damn cookies!).

No, Halloween is a holiday purely for your enjoyment—scaring children, passing out candy, and donning a costume to forget your adult responsibilities and get blasted at a party.

We get the double whammy of Halloween AND Homecoming this year. I've done the work for you and scoured the internet for the best costumes that are appropriate as both a Halloween costume AND a disguise to hide your Cyclone football shame while attending Saturday's game.

For Men



The master of blending into the crowd! Hide your shame in plain sight as Waldo, the guy you spent hours searching for as a child only to find he was next to your thumb the whole time. The last thing you'll want to do this Homecoming is draw attention to yourself as a Cyclone fan. With that much Cyclone football shame, it's better to just blend into the surroundings. This costume will do just that!



A classic little brother—always getting passed over for characters with better move sets and missing out because there's a default player 1. Try as you might, there's just never enough playing time for you to collect coins and power ups to rival Texas. This costume will help absorb the sting of being passed over by recruits for the flashier title character of the conference. Wear it and be SO PROUD that you get to have your name listed next to such a commanding powerhouse!

For Women

Sexy Big 12 Ref


This costume has it all! Accurately portray the Big 12 refs' inability to see blatant calls while hiding your shame in the Cyclone football program AND showing off your best assets.

Sexy Taco


A WRNL fan favorite! This costume will remind you of happier things, like how delicious tacos are, while enduring the show that we have taken to calling "football". Hide your shame and trap the grease from the walking taco you just had to order from concessions!

For Couples



Nothing says "Despicable" quite like a minion! Mutter gibberish to each other all night to recreate the game day experience between the coaching staff and their players on the field! No one will understand what's going on, and that's just the way it should be!

For Anyone, Anytime!

WRNL Shame Sack™


Why limit the costumed fun to just one day? Make your own WRNL Approved Paper Bag and wear it any time of year! To hide your shame year round, follow these simple steps.

  1. Print out the logo.
  2. Cut on the dotted line.
  3. Tape or glue the logo to a brown paper bag appropriate for the wearer's head size.
  4. Place bag over head and cheer on your Cyclones from the comfort of your new found anonymity!
Got a great costume that beats the pants off of these? Show it off in the comments!