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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/5/15

How Bad Is Kansas Football?

Iowa State Football

MUST HAVE BEEN THE ALL RED (OR KANSAS). Mike Warren set a freshman record for rushing against the Jayhawks.

EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Iowa State should use their stats against KU to find success in the Big 12.

LEAVE SAM ALONE. Bobby La Gesse writes that it's time to put critiques of Sam Richardson's record to rest.

WHY 3-4? Stopping Air Raid offenses was at the heart of the Cyclones' switch to the 3-4.

UNDERDOGS AGAIN. The week of being a favorite is over as Iowa State is an 11.5 point underdog to Texas Tech.

BEING IN SHAPE HELPS? Jhaustin Thomas credits conditioning for his improving play on the field.

Iowa State Basketball

SEASON PREVIEW. has the 2015-16 season preview.

ANOTHER LONG. Jakolby Long talks about his visit to Iowa State.

Around The Country

CLEMSON SOCIAL MEDIA #1! Spencer Hall is giving Clemson's social media coordinator top billing in his power rankings.

NAP TIME. Stedman Bailey celebrates a TD by relaxing.

NEW BOWL PROJECTIONS. Iowa State is still not predicted to go.

DANCE OFF. A Florida State trooper dances with a Florida player after the win over Ole Miss.

KSU GOT HOSED. Big 12 officials are now incapable of doing simple math.

ARMAGEDDON. If you didn't think the officiating mistakes plaguing everyone BUT Iowa State was a sign of the apocalypse, maybe a travel being called on an NBA dunk will convince you.

KENTUCKY FRIED HOOKERS. Louisville is in trouble after allegations that they paid for escorts for their players.

GOOD SHOT SELECTION. Way to use that shot clock, Kobe.

SADLY INCOMPLETE. Odell Beckham does ODB things.

TEXAS SOCIAL MEDIA #32352345265463463. Whoever runs the Rangers Twitter account is a disgruntled Longhorn fan. Also, freshman Kris Boyd had to apologize for retweeting a transfer invitation during halftime of getting blown out by TCU.

NOT IN, SOMEHOW. Two posts and a slow roll over the line, still not a goal.