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Iowa State Football

IT'S ENTERTAINMENT. With Texas Tech looming, Wally Burnham knows his defense is preparing to face an offense "made for TV."

THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU. Mike Warren is well aware he's no secret anymore.

THE MOST AMPED HOLDER IN THE COUNTRY. You know him by now, but Austin Fischer is beginning to steal the show (he just won't be doing it with bows and arrows).

AND THERE'S NO. 1. Sam Richardson talks about his first ever Big 12 victory as a starter.

RIBBIT DETAILS. Iowa State-TCU kickoff deets have been arranged.


Iowa State Basketball

IT'S HERE. Practice officially began on Friday which means today, my friends, is Iowa State Men's Basketball Media Day.

Be sure you're following all of the WRNL Twitters and refreshing all of the WRNL pages throughout the day.

Iowa State Volleyball

LEARNING EXPERIENCE. The ladies lost to the 3rd ranked Longhorns in three sets this weekend, but there's plenty to learn ahead of Farmageddon tomorrow night.

Around The Country

FANTASY FOOTBALL INSIDER TRADING. We did it, everyone. Great work.

GODSPEED. Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia is foregoing the 2015 playoffs to enter alcohol rehabilitation.

TOUCHBACK SEAHAWKS! A thing happened last night with the Seahawks and the referees and now we have BatGate and here just read.

FORTY-ONE GAMES. The NHL handed down its most severe on-ice punishment in eight years after Sharks F Rafi Torres illegally checked a guy in the head for the NINTH TIME IN HIS CAREER.

TEXAS IS HAVING THEMSELVES A YEAR. Longhorn players are beginning to lash out, mostly at each other.

SORE LOSER. A Wisconsin fan smoked a 15 year old Iowa fan in the face outside Camp Randall Stadium this weekend.

OREGON HAS ANOTHER NEW UNIFORM CONCEPT. All I'm saying is don't come crying to me when everyone dies of dysentery.

FIRST CASUALTY. Joe Philbin was fired by the Dolphins late yesterday morning. They've hired tight ends coach Dan Campbell in the interim.

LET'S SKATE. The pucks drops on the 2015-16 NHL season tomorrow night. Get your season preview from SBN's Travis Hughes right here.

YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. For all the bitching and moaning we do about Big 12 refs, it will never be as bad as this. Happy 25th Anniversary to the "Fifth Down."