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This Week In GIFs: Kansas

CanAzn is on siesta, so I'm doing this thing.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Assuring Fitzy you can do "This Week In GIFs" later tonight


Getting back to the hotel room at midnight, buzzing and wanting sleepy and realizing you haven't started yet

regret 1

11 a.m. kick? Why so early?!?!


Cole Netten misses a short field goal

Kansas is so horrible and we can only score 3 points in the 1st quarter!


Sammy with a BEAUTIFUL move to walk in for the touchdown!


Good things start happening, Kansas remains terrible. Sam to Lazard for another score!


Warren takes a hand-off a bazillion yards for another touchdown!


Kansas scores twice on long plays, one of which is a pick-6


ISU wins!!! But it's only Kansas ... But WE WIN!!! But still just Kansas, but still, WIN!


Next three games against the top 3 offenses in the country: Tech, TCU & Baylor


There you greedy bastards. Now go away, I need sleep.

im out