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The Mid-Morning Dump: ISU Basketball News Explosion!

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Iowa State Football

WE STILL HAVE THEM! Iowa State's tight ends are emerging on the field as of late.

RUN IT DOWN THEIR THROATS. Bobby La Gesse examines why ISU should focus on running the ball against Texas Tech.

OFFENSE HEATING UP. The Cyclones are getting more explosive on offense as they head into the toughest part of their schedule.

Iowa State Men's Basketball

J-DUB'S GOT THE GOODS. You can check out this nearly-30 minute long media day special from John Walters and

PROHM PRESSER. Iowa State basketball's new head coach talked to the media yesterday and you can watch his full press conference online.

HE'LL BE READY. Naz Mitrou-Long is on pace to play in the season opener, according to Coach Prohm.

THE FORGOTTEN SENIOR. Everyone keeps overlooking Abdel Nader, but he's set to be a huge part of the team this season.

PLAYER'S COACH. Coach Prohm is developing relationships with his players in hopes that it will lead to success come tournament time.

CRANKIN' UP THE D. (TWSS) ISU needs to focus more on defense to take the next step as a program.

MEETING EXPECTATIONS. There's some lofty expectations for this year's team, but Coach Prohm and his players are focused on meeting them and avoiding another postseason letdown.

REMATCH? Monte Morris wants another shot at UAB this year.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

THE ADOPTED KIDD. Cyclone Sidebar wrote a neat article on Nicole "Kidd" Blaskowsky's adoption and journey to Iowa State.

Around The Country

CAKE NON-CON. Jason Kirk at the mothership takes a look at Baylor's routine of kicking around inferior opponents at the beginning of each season.

LIFE ISN'T FAIR. These kids on Barcelona's youth soccer team will make you feel like you got the short end of the stick with athletic skills.

STARBURY. What better way to get your name back in the media than to call out His Airness?

TRASH TALK LEVEL 99. A Yankees fan called out Alex Rodriguez in her obituary.

SHOULDA PICKED THE ASTROS. If only we'd gone with Houston as our "Adopt a Team" squad, then we'd truly be able to appreciate WWE villain Colby Rasmus.

IT'S NOT MONDAY. But perhaps this video will make you smile during the middle of the week.