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The Mid-Morning Dump: 10/9/15


Iowa State Football

THE WARREN WAY. Kirk Haaland looks at how Michael Warren has changed the rushing attack.

LALK IMPORTANT TOO. Iowa State's center has added leadership attributes and helped the line's performance.

COUNTER-INTUITIVE. Allen Lazard has found that big plays happen when he doesn't think about them.

Iowa State Basketball

JAKOLBY LONG COMMITS. The Prohm recruit train rolls on.

WOMEN'S PREVIEW. Cyclones.TV previews the upcoming season.

JADDA'S BACK. After a disappointing injury to end last season, Jadda Buckley is back to lead her team.

Around The Country

UNCLE LUKE HATES NEW MIAMI. No swagger in Coral Gables and he hates it.

WHAT'S A REALIGNMENT BID LOOK LIKE? Inside the unstable world of conference membership.

COLBERT BELIEVES. Stephen Colbert is saying the Cubs will win the World Series.

IT IS PRETTY ANNOYING. The Rams are playing The Macarena during practice to prepare themselves for the Packers.

BUFFALO GETS HIP HOP WITH IT. The Sabres new goal horn is "Let Me Clear My Throat".

RIVALRY FOR SURE. A White Sox bar is offering up free beer for every Cardinals home run against the Cubs.

DON'T WEAR LEBRONS. LeBron James says he will bust you up if you wear his shoes against him.

PUTIN IS GOOD AT HOCKEY. It's probably only because he'll kill everyone who dares oppose him, but yeah.