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On This Day in Sports History

THE COMEBACK, 1984. Frank Reich hits Greg Hill for the go-ahead TD, as Maryland overcomes a 31-0 halftime deficit to defeat Miami at the Orange Bowl.

Iowa State Football

KINDA LIKE THAT ONE TIME. There are certainly come similarities between Iowa State's upcoming showdown with 5th ranked Oklahoma State and the 2011 matchup.

REMEMBERING SAM. "It's Senior Night. Get off Sam Richardson's dick." – Paul Rhoads

IF IT AIN'T ONE THING IT'S ANOTHER. In 2011, Iowa State had to deal with a potent Oklahoma State offense (you know, before beating them). This year? It'll be the other side of the ball that causes fits.


Iowa State Basketball

AP ALL-AMERICA HONORS. Guess who received more AP All-America votes than every player in the country except Kyle Wiltjer... It's not hard.

TIPOFF TRIVIA. Kirk Haaland put together a 14-question basketball trivia quiz... It is hard.

LONG, STRANGE TRIP. From Kenya to Australia to America, Emmanuel Malou keeps chasing his basketball dream.

SO UNDEFEATED IS WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. Jay Bilas: "I don't see anyone out there (Iowa State's) not capable of beating." And that wasn't all of the praise.

THE FORGRAVE JINX. Reid Forgrave's projected Final Four includes Kansas (champion), Virginia (runner-up), Maryland and...

D-D-D-Dreamy and the Bulls

BOUNCEBACK IN PHILLY. Try not to be alarmed, but the Bulls got right with a win over the Sixers last night.

Around The Country

NOTHING SPECIAL. Say what you want about Alabama, but they're as good as ever. They shut down Leonard Fournette on Saturday without even trying.

WHY WE LIKE SPORTS TODAY. Cam Newtown pulled out all the stops to make sure a game ball went to a six year old fan who just lost his father.

WELCOME BACK. After a four-year hiatus from touchdowns, Bears TE Zach Miller did this.

EVERYBODY DO THE RIVERS HIGH STEP. The Chargers had a decent night too. Let's go over to Philip Rivers for more — Phil?

AND ANOTHER. The latest professional athlete to face charges for assaulting a woman is Rockies SS Jose Reyes.

UNSPEAKABLY SAD. Former Braves P Tommy Hanson slipped into a coma and died yesterday after experiencing "catastrophic organ failure."

DON'T WORRY, IT'S FOR FLOOD RELIEF. He won't see a dime of it, but a Leonard Fournette jersey just sold for $101,000 at auction. All proceeds benefit those affected by the South Carolina floods.

LAWYERED UP. Cheick Diallo now has an attorney for a potential NCAA eligibility fight.

ARE WE DOING THIS? OKAY WE'RE DOING THIS. CBS Sports' entirely too early (like c'mon guys the season hasn't even started yet) NCAA Tournament bracket.

MUST-FOLLOW. Of course besides @austinnarber (DUH LOL), Sporting News has your must-follow list for college basketball Twitter covered.