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The Weekly Troll: 2011 IS ALL WE HAVE

In 2011, Iowa State won a game that would change the program and conference forever. We all know how that went. IT SURE WAS FUN THOUGH, RIGHT!?!


As you may know, Oklahoma State is undefeated, and our games against undefeated teams in the Big 12 this year haven't gone so well. So again, I'm going to change things up and try to voodoo magic my way into an ass backwards victory.

I will model my voodoo magic off the ISU vs. OSU game in 2011. You know the one, right? The one all Cyclone fans have hung onto dearly since? You know, the one that the Big 12 has never been able to truly recover from? That was the last time the Big 12 had a chance at the national title, and we had to go ruin it.

Yeah, it was fun for a bit, but we should be sorry. We screwed over the only Big 12 team with a shot, but it was okay because we thought we were getting a "program changing" win! Well, it ended up changing the program into the direction that is the ground. Somehow, a big win on a big stage fucked us and the rest of the conference over.

How Iowa State of us.

But today, I look not into the pit of despair. I want us to remember the hope and optimism we once felt. Remember those days? We once had dreams of teams going 7-5.  Hell, 8-4! That sure was something, gang.

So let's all focus our minds to those days and get that feeling back y'all. I don't care if you have to pray, meditate or just fake it (LADIES). Cyclone Nation needs your football based optimism for this game (and in case you were wondering, I am NOT concerned about our basketball based optimism #PROHMCOOKIN').

Yeah, we might ruin the Big 12 and OSU's season...again. But if it brings us back to the days where the rest of country thought the Cowboys lost to a bunch of backwoods potato farmers, I'd be cool with that. At least people had to think about us for a moment in their lives. IT FELT SO GOOD.

But to get us back into that special feeling, here is the complete highlight tape courtesy of the voice of the Cyclones, John Walters. Coupled with the fact that I literally have nothing on OSU in the past year since they are undefeated.


Go Cyclones.