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On This Day in Sports History

NOVEMBER 19, 1966. Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian elects to run out the clock with 34 seconds left, securing a 10-10 tie with Michigan State. After fighting back to tie up the game, Parseghian "didn't want to risk giving it to them cheap."

Iowa State Football

FETTY START. It was easy to miss, but walk-on Nick Fett got his first career start at RG against Oklahoma State and certainly made the most of it.

GIVE IT TO HIM. This week's nominee for the 2015 Capital One Orange Bowl FWAA Courage Award is none other than our guy Mitchell Meyers.

HAMMY TEST. Unless he wants to spend another weekend on the sideline, Kamari Cotton-Moya needs to prove to the staff in pregame that his hamstring is ready for game action.

SACK MACHINES. I've run the numbers, and this is #good.

Iowa State Basketball

BULLS WIN, BUT WE ALL KIND OF DO. Fred Hoiberg's Bulls and Jeff Hornacek's Suns squared off last night in Phoenix. As Brent Blum wrote before the game (worth posting again), somewhere, Johnny Orr is proudly watching the fruits of his labor. By the end of the night, sans Derrick RoseChicago pulled out the win 103-97.

TIGHTEN IT UP. Steve Prohm is tasked with refining Iowa State's game for upcoming dates with Chattanooga, Virginia Tech and more.

TOP 25 (AND ONE). Take all of this with a grain of salt, since Gary Parrish decided to drop Duke to 13th for losing to Kentucky, but Iowa State is up to No. 6.

AN AMERICAN RECRUIT! 5-6 PG Nia Washington is Bill Fennelly's third commit (and first on U.S. soil) from the 2016 class.

Around The Country

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY? After the best second half of a season for a pitcher in baseball history, Jake Arrieta swooped in and nabbed the NL Cy Young award from Dodgers P Zack Greinke. Dallas Keuchel won it for the American League.

WE HAD OUR FOUNDATIONS ROCKED. Four retired NFL players reflect on what it was like to relocate.

OH, RUDY. Raptors F DeMar DeRozan, dunk savant, ended Rudy Gobert's life last night. Watch it again. He was up in the air for an abnormally long time, right?

HANGING THEM UP? UFC featherweight stud José Aldo thinks Ronda Rousey's loss was a career-ender.

CFP TAKEAWAYS. Listen up: this is the best be-all, end-all, just-read-this-and-stop-talking-about-what-you-think-might-happen explanation of how the College Football Playoff shit storm could shake out the rest of the season. Bookmark it.

THAT MISSED DUNK, THOUGH. Illinois was *this* close... then *this* close... then *this* close to holding off Providence.

THEY SAY YOU CAN DIE OF A BROKEN HEART. Doug Flutie's parents passed away an hour apart yesterday, which is absolutely gut-wrenching. We're thinking of you, Doug.

I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS. Bret Bielema has proposed a Big Ten/SEC challenge of sorts, in which all 14 teams from each conference match up with their counterpart in the standings as a non-conference game each year.

LIKE WHAT THROUGH A WHAT? Start this bad boy at 9:35 and enjoy Nick Saban's awesome southern expression about Georgia Southern's triple option.