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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/23/15

A completely uneventful weekend, right guys?

Iowa State Football

FAREWELL, PAUL. Paul Rhoads will coach his final game for Iowa State next weekend in Morgantown.

UNIQUENESS NEEDED. Bobby La Gesse writes that the next coach in Ames will need to be cut a little bit differently.

CANDIDATE LIST. You can see our list of candidates here, but here's the Ames Tribune's list.

A MELTDOWN FOR THE AGES. Oh, Iowa State, inventing new ways to lose since the beginning of time.

THANKS, COACH. Sage Rosenfels thanks Paul Rhoads for his time here.

WOODY'S REQUIREMENTS. Jeff Woody writes about the characteristics our next coach will need to possess.

SENECA WANTS BACK? Apparently this is a thing.

UBBEN'S TAKE. I typically think Ubben gets too much flack from Iowa State fans, but couldn't disagree more with his assessment that North Texas or UCF are better jobs.

A FIT FOR STITT? Kevin Trahan suggests Bob Stitt would be a perfect fit at Iowa State.

Iowa State Basketball

PRE-CHATTANOOGA PROHMING. Steve Prohm talks about the basketball game that's happening in Ames tonight, in case you forgot.

KIRK'S PREVIEWING. Mr. Haaland with a breakdown of the Mocs.

LARD COMMITS. Cameron Lard, a 4 star power forward who plays for the defending Louisiana 4A state champs, committed to Iowa State this weekend.

Iowa State Volleyball

TACO HATERS. Iowa State took down the Red Raiders 3-1.

Around The Country

OU AND MSU IN. With two big wins, Oklahoma and Michigan State are now in SB Nation's projections.

DON'T SAY "GET SET". Inside the penalty that eventually lost the game for the Bengals last night.

THIS JUST SEEMS LIKE MORE THINGS TO BE TACKLED BY. Of all the ridiculous NFL uniform rules, wearing a hoodie isn't one of them.

THIS REF > YOUR REF. World's fastest ref outruns more players.

THAT CURVE. Bend it like Asprilla.

THIS COULD EASILY BE US! Jayhawk fan likes sports. just sports.

SOFT TROLL. Katy Perry leads the Ole Miss cheer with a corn dog reference.