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On This Day in Sports History

NOVEMBER 24, 1960. Wilt Chamberlain pulled down 55 rebounds in a single game against the Boston Celtics, a record that still stands today.

Abby Faber

MILESTONE. It's been a while since we've brought you an update, but Abby Faber's crowdfund is just a hair over $300 away from hitting the $40,000 mark.

Iowa State Cross Country

GRIEVING, MOVING FORWARD. Chapter 3 of a Des Moines Register longform piece about the ill fate of seven members of the 1985 women's cross country team, who died in a plane crash 30 years ago tomorrow.

Iowa State Football

CANDIDATE LIST. We've updated our list of potential candidates to replace Paul Rhoads since yesterday morning. You can find it here.

RANKING THE POSITIONS. A trio of our SBN bros decided to rank all 13 open college football head coaching jobs.

FINAL PRESSER. Rhoads took to the mic for the first time since being fired, in his final Monday press conference.

IN THE END, IT WASN'T ENOUGH. Randy Peterson taps into the emotions involved with the most recent changes to the program.

PLAYER REACTIONS. Brock Dagel, Levi Peters and others give their two cents on the last 48 hours.

THE PIECES ARE IN PLACE. Make no mistake, the powers that be are going to be competitive in this coaching search. And we may not have long to wait.

I'M A CYCLONE ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Allen Lazard isn't going anywhere, and Rhoads encourages everyone else to follow suit.

NO ONE GAME COSTS A COACH THEIR JOB. Pollard says it wasn't necessarily the result of the Kansas State game that did Rhoads in.

TOP WINS OF THE RHOADS ERA. Bobby La Gesse revisits 11 notable wins during Rhoads' tenure.

Iowa State Basketball

HE IS RISEN INDEED. Naz Mitrou-Long, new hips and all, was white hot in Iowa State's 20-point home win over Chattanooga.

TAKEAWAYS. Jared Stansbury gives us five takeaways from the Cyclones' third W of the season.

HOLLYWOOD SQUARE IN THE FACE. Here's the best GIF I can find of John Higgins taking a Chattanooga pass off his head last night. For those who missed the game, Monte Morris went on to throw a fastbreak alley-oop to Jameel McKay OFF THE BACKBOARD, at which point Higgins ruled the play dead because he sucks.

THE HIGHLIGHT REEL. Courtesy of CyclonesTV.

Around The Country

LET'S NOT PRETEND THOSE AREN'T PENISES. A new report is out on emoji usage by state. Iowa's most frequent character is the ear of corn and there's no way eggplant is that popular.

NEW ENGLAND ROLLING. Even with injuries piling up, the Patriots are now 10-0 after eking out a 20-13 win over the Bills.

INADVERTENT WHISTLE. And it probably should've been 27-13.

S.S. STIDHAM HAS A BROKEN PROPELLER. The run of rotten luck for Baylor QBs continues.

TWELVE STEP PROGRAM. Carmelo Anthony got away with a travel of epic proportions and then bricked his shot.

WELL, THAT'S NOT GREAT. Evidently LSU boosters have already agreed to pool the $15-20 million necessary to buy out Les Miles and his staff.

HERM WATCH. Sounds like Tom Herman plans to meet with South Carolina AD Ray Tanner early next week.

KEEP LOOKING, MIAMI. Charlie Strong squashes rumors that he will be anywhere except Austin, TX, next season.

YEAH, THIS SHOULD BE FUN. After opening as a 2.5-point favorite, the Buckeyes are now 1.5-point underdogs in Ann Arbor on Saturday.