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The WRNL Hotbox Is Back!

I have given up on football and Paul Rhoads is no longer the coach. Things are sad. So I'm moving on from the Troll and getting the Hotbox up and runnin' for BASKETBALL SEASON. LET'S FEEL RELEVANT AGAIN!


Hello and welcome to the second year of WRNL Hotbox. If you are stupid and don't remember this exciting and important piece of internet literature, or just happen to be new to this, you are in for a treat. What is the WRNL Hotbox, you ask?

To most of you this will look like your typical mailbag segment. Everyone does a mailbag bit, but THIS IS DIFFERENT. It's like an inbox - but hot - like Dreamy :(. I'll ask for you, the reader, to send us questions so we can tell you our opinions on them - i.e. answers.

The typical questions will be about our precious Cyclones. How did they look? Is Steve Prohm on the hotseat?!? How will they win the upcoming game? How did Monte Morris have 12 assists and zero turnovers? Is Jameel McKay super sensitive on Twitter? Is Iowa State #TransferU? Will Georges Niang's old-man-game make it to the NBA? Will Brent Musberger blow his wad for a cheerleader again this year? Will Abdel Nader step on the sideline for the 78th time? WHY DON'T WE HAVE #DEPTH???

Use all these Cyclone related questions and more to ask and learn from the WRNL Hotbox!

But the WRNL Hotbox is not limited only to Cyclone related questions. I will tell you my opinion and give the steamy hot takes on any other question, scenario, and/or story. You have a general question about life/love/lust/happiness/growing/learning/changing? I got you. Have a crazy scenario or would-you-rather? I will always give you an answer and why. Or, do you just have a great story that needs to be shared to the Internetz? If it's good, it's in.

Cyclone Nation, this is your chance to have your questions opinionated, and your voice heard. Since this is the first edition of the 2015-16 WRNL Hotbox, naturally, the Hotbox was empty. But the Hotbox likes to be stuffed - full of your questions and comments. So for now, leave your questions and comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @WideRtNattyLt or in the Facebook comments.

"It is not that I'm so smart.  But I stay with the questions much longer."

-Albert Einstein