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This Week In GIFs: Texas

I had this weird Halloween dream where Iowa State shut out Texas.

Donald Trump approves of this game.
Donald Trump approves of this game.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Texas is on a winstreak and coming to town? Let's prepare adequately.

Iowa State scores a TD and Cole Netten makes a field goal. This is getting weird.

Jerrod Heard's accuracy isn't so good.

Daje Johnson's wide open for you, Tyrone Swoopes.

Really, this was Texas' QB play in a nutshell.

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And even when Longhorn QBs made decent throws, drops happened.

Meanwhile, Joel Lanning is throwing some beauties.

And Mike Warren doesn't care that Texas defenders are in his way.

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Lanning's stats weren't outrageous, but he's cool under pressure.

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Live footage of Texas trying to sack Lanning on third downs.

...or mamma will come to you! ;)

Texas tries to ignite the offense and score a meaningless touchdown.

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The most complete team performance most of us can remember.

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