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WRNL We Still Booze Podcast: Episode 2

The crew gathers to talk about the Red River Shutout and preview the Oklahoma game. Isn't it nice to talk some football in November instead of pining for hoops talk?

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

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On this episode, RevDizz is joined by CYHusker (Matt) and jwillyISU (Josh) to discuss tailgate beverages the new look offense under the leadership of Lanning/Sturdy, the darling job by DC Wally Burnham and the Cyclone defense, and preview the Oklahoma matchup from an Iowa State perspective.

As always, we tackle the hard hitting questions from our Twitter followers, which provide for an interesting hypothetical. Would you rather Iowa go 13-0 and get in the College Football Playoff or drink only Miller Lite for 2 years?

Matt, from the Crimson and Cream Machine (OU SBNation affiliate), also makes an appearance to give the Sooner slant on Saturday's football game in Norman.