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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kobe, St. John's and Raisins Are All Bad

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Iowa State Football

THE OLD Q. Quenton Bundrage has returned to being the aggressive, confident wideout we all expected before last year's ACL injury.

REMAINING WINS. Randy and Tommy discuss how many wins might be left on Iowa State's schedule.

CLOWNED BY JOEL. Allen Lazard recounts the time Joel Lanning bowled him over in a high school game.

JUST CUT IT UP. Wally Burnham believes each defensive player and coach alike deserves a piece of the game ball from last week's Texas goose egg.

Iowa State Men's Basketball

COMING TO BLOWS. Intensity and tempers in practice are at an all-time high, which is a good thing.

NEVER TOO EARLY. Dick Vitale predicts the 2016 NCAA Tournament field of 68.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

NEW GIRLS. Iowa State's three freshman are attached at the hip and ready to make an impact on the court.

Abby Faber

NEARLY TO $40K. Our favorite Abby's crowdfund is fast approaching $40,000, with approximately two and a half months left to donate.

Checking In On Iowa City

3:00 AM. Drunk Iowa City man dressed in penis trenchcoat is pulled over, refuses breathalyzer, eats toilet paper, blows Iowa's opponent winning percentage (.165) and now faces five years in prison.

The Mayor

SECOND CHANCE POINTS. Chris Terzic over at SBN's Blog a Bull conducts a film study of the Bulls' season so far, and it's really quite awesome.

NOAH TO BOSTON? Noted Celtics fanboy Bill Simmons has a proposition for the Bulls front office... already.

Around The Country

TWIS. The Texas faithful at Orange Bloods, Burnt Orange Nation and Barking Carnival make an appearance in This Week in Schadenfreude.

BEST AVAILABLE. Ranking the 40 best free agents of the 2015-16 MLB offseason.

KOBE ISN'T KOBE ANYMORE. He's airballing easy shots, and it's sad.

TIME TO BEND THE RULES. Celtics F Jae Crowder executed a full court inbounds pass bank shot to perfection for zero points, and this is a problem.

MORE LIKE MAULIN' ERA. The Chris Mullin era at St. John's began last night with a 32-point loss to D-II St. Thomas Aquinas. Pray for our boy Matty A.

GET WELL, MARCUS. You've got to believe he'll be back on the court when No. 1 North Carolina faces No. 2 Maryland on Dec. 1.

THIS IS BETTER IN THE FORM OF A HEADLINE. John Calipari throws bowl of oatmeal and raisins against wall, blames raisins for losing 50-game winning streak.

STADIUM CAPACITIES BY STATE. Because football and graphs and charts.

BIG 12 BROS. Baylor QB Seth Russell got a pretty cool visitor yesterday.

LOCK THIS BITCH UP. Adacia Chambers, the woman who drove her car into a crowd at Oklahoma State's homecoming parade, is facing four counts of second-degree murder and 46 counts of assault and battery.