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Exhibition or not, basketball starts tonight! Plus the biggest weekend for college football in 2015 and ISU-OU snippets.

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Iowa State Basketball

SEASON TICKET RECORD. In an announcement that surprises no one, Jamie Pollard announced that the 12,173 season tickets sold as of Thursday is a new record.

CARTER TRYING TO CONTRIBUTE. Freshman Simeon Carter might not get extended minutes later in the season, but he's trying to crack in to the rotation as early as possible. That chance might come tonight against Grand Valley State (7 PM,

CHECKING IN ON PROHM. The College Basketball Madness podcast from USA Today has a deep dive in to all things Iowa State basketball including the senior heavy team itself and new coach Steve Prohm. This is a must listen.

TOP BACKCOURTS. CBS Sports looks at the top ten backcourts in the country.

WOMEN START RIGHT. The women's team blew out Midwestern State, 79-36, to kick off their 2015 campaign.

TEST YOUR MIGHT. Ever wanted to play a college basketball version of fantasy? Don't want to support the daily sites because of their annoying commercials? Then FantaCBB is the perfect place for you. It's team based fantasy that works solely on team performance throughout the season. The rules are simple and straightforward enough for anyone to play.

Iowa State Football

DEFENSIVE TEST. Oklahoma's offense is one of the most well rounded that Iowa State has seen this season, but are facing a squad that's brimming with confidence after shutting out Texas.

SOME PREDICTIONS. The Tulsa World gets in to the prediction game with some wild predictions, such as OU not scoring until the second quarter.

HIGH MOTOR. A white defensive end has a high motor and has earned playing time because of it. Never in my life have I seen this story before.

NOT SURE WHY I LINKED THIS. Part of me liked the breakdown of tomorrow's match up and then the other part wondered if this guy knows anything outside the bubble of OU Football.

Around the Country

LSU-BAMA TALK PART I. Yes, that game is this weekend. Yes, everyone here hates it. Yes, it matters nationally. So here's a preview from Bill Connelly that digs in to the roots of the rivalry.

LSU-BAMA TALK PART II. Why, yes, there is a chance Alabama could win this weekend and still not win the SEC West (it's called losing to Ole Miss).

Editor's Note: I want to take the time to mention that Stewart Mandel is absolutely a fantastic college football writer with great perspective. The rise of Grantland and Mandel's move to Fox Sports took him off my radar, but I'll be linking him more frequently now that the Grantland is collecting mothballs.

FOURNETTE'S FOLLY. Apparently creating a web site about your crew and getting it at a hefty discount is an NCAA violation.

BOYKIN'S BEST. The Top 7 moments of Trevone Boykin's 2015 season. Notably absent: Iowa State.

BEST BETS. The mothership's take on the best bets of Week 10. Someday our own Vegas CyClown and Austin Narber will be writing this.

BAYLOR SURVIVES. True freshman Jarrett Stidham had a great game in Manhattan last night. His defense did not.

CAN THE BISON COME BACK? Winning four straight national championships sets expectations high, as this year's North Dakota State team knows all too well.

COLOR BLINDNESS. Nike's 'Color Rush' uniforms: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

KISS WITH A ROSE. Derrick Rose had a great performance in Chicago's victory over Oklahoma City last night, but I bet people still think Hoiberg's offense isn't delivering what it promised.

HEADED FOR THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE. If you're going to troll Urban Meyer at least do it correctly and from your own Twitter account.

DETROIT LIONS, THE CYCLONES OF THE NFL? Actually, they're worse, because their coaches don't go on to find success elsewhere.

THE LONG, SLOW DECLINE. These articles are related in the sense that things get dark, real dark, for professional athletes who had careers last too long and injuries last even longer. The first is a recap of Kyle Turley's appearance on ESPN yesterday discussing the suicidal thoughts he had on his pain medication. The second is Ken Shamrock dealing with being knocked out by Kimbo Slice.

YOU'RE WELCOME. It's Friday and some of you burnt the midnight oil a little too late last night, so here are some tips on how to deal with a hangover at work.