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WRNL We Still Booze Podcast #6: Soup-er Hire & Hoops

Talking is easier than writing!

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

In the early part of the podcast, Matt, Tom and Austin discuss Iowa State's new head football coach and what we might expect to see in Matt Campbell's staff as he gets his feet wet in Ames. We talk about Coach Campbell's introductory presser and analyze the recruiting strategy going forward.

The rest of the podcast is solely dedicated to Iowa State basketball. We review what we're seeing from Coach Prohm's squad after the Emerald Coast Classic in Niceville, Florida. We take a look at new roles for some guys, how great Monte Morris has been, and observe some social media mishaps from a prominent figure.

At the end, we take a rapid fire look around the Big 12 and find out what we already knew... The Big 12 is good.

Enjoy the latest edition of the WRNL "We Still Booze" podcast! Have something you'd like us to discuss? Be sure to let us know in the comments!