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Iowa State Basketball Managers Defeat Iowa Managers in an Epic Clash of Titans

ESPN's Jay Bilas and Fran Fraschilla covered the 67-59 Cyclone victory that took place in Hilton Coliseum last night.

In the most notable event that's involved sporting teams from the state of Iowa in the past week, the Iowa State Cyclones basketball managers took down the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball managers 67-59 in Hilton Coliseum on Wednesday evening.

ESPN personalities Jay Bilas and Fran Fraschilla offered coverage of the event, with Bilas providing the pre-game lead up and Fraschilla covering the game from within the arena. It's no surprise that ESPN wanted two of its best basketball analysts assigned to this matchup, as the ramifications will affect the greater manager game landscape for years to come.

Let's take a stroll through social media to discover just how the game unfolded.

Hyping the Matchup

Scouting Reports

Vegas Chimes In

Final Preparations

Pregame Atmosphere

Game Time!

Hilton Magic Kicks In

But the Hawkeyes Answer


Mayor Mention

2nd Half Tension Builds

Iowa State Prevails!

Congratulations to the Iowa State managers on their hard-fought victory that surely go down in history as one of, if not THE best manager game ever.