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The Mid-Morning Dump: 3sus Sits, Bo Ryan Quits

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Iowa State Basketball

3SUS DONE. For those of you who live under a rock, it was announced yesterday that Naz Mitrou-Long will miss the remainder of the season.

ANALYZING. You should read cylentbutdeadly's look at the rotation, recruiting and expectations effect that losing Mitrou-Long will have on ISU basketball.

FURTHER ANALYZING. Here's Kirk Haaland's breakdown of the loss of 3sus.

BABY STEPS. Deonte Burton's debut will come on Saturday, but it's been awhile since he's played, so to expect a huge game right off the bat might leave you disappointed.

NEXT MAN IN. Matt Thomas will be the guy that has to step up in 3sus' absence.

Iowa State Football

GOT OUR OC. The next offensive coordinator for the Cyclone football team will be Tom Manning.

CAMPBELL Q&A. New head coach Matt Campbell is all about appealing to kids nowadays.

RECRUITING CATCH-UP. If your head's been spinning after all the recruiting news, here's a nice breakdown of what's happened (and could happen soon).

XBOX LEARNER. Offensive line recruit Oge Udeogu once bought an XBox 360 and an NCAA football video game to teach himself the rules of football.

HE'S FAMILIAR. Tom Manning is familiar with star running back Mike Warren.

IF IT AIN'T BROKE... Matt Campbell is betting on his past assistants to get the job done at Iowa State.

Around The Country

RYAN RETIRES. Wisconsin's head basketball coach, Bo Ryan, retired without warning last night.

POWER RANKINGS. Iowa State is up to #8 in SB Nation's college basketball power rankings.

BEST OF THE BENCHES. Monmouth's bench has the best bench celebrations of all-time.

GOOD GUY LEBRON. Seeking out the Special Olympics MVP after the game to give him your sneakers is a classy move by LeBron James.

HE DID IT. Tom Herman actually got that diamond grill.

REVENGE OF THE SITH. The Force Awakens starts showing tomorrow, so the Honest Trailer folks decided to put together a video for the other most recent Star Wars movie.