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The Mid-Morning Dump – WARNING: A Cute Dog Died, Don't Read This

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On This Day in Sports History

DECEMBER 22, 1971. The Lakers defeated the Bulls 127-120 for their 27th straight victory, the longest in professional sports history. They would extend the streak to 33 before losing to the Bucks 120-104 on Jan. 7.

Iowa State Basketball

FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO MELT DOWN ABOUT. That's Randy Peterson's advice if you happen to be stewing over Saturday's loss to Northern Iowa or the drop in the rankings. And beating Cincinnati would certainly help soften the blow.

GET TO KNOW EMILY DURR. Since Tee Tee Starks was sidelined with season-ending knee surgery, the women have been benefitting from a luxury then men don't really have: a backup point guard.

HE'S TALKING CINCINNATI, TOO. We already dropped your Cincy preview, but here's another from Travis Hines.

Iowa State Football

THIS IS THE YEAR, RIGHT? Homecoming is set for Oct. 29, 2016 against Kansas State. Maybe for Halloween we'll go disguised as a team that can beat Bill Snyder.

Around The Country

SUSPEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. The NFL handed down a one-game suspension to Odell Beckham, Jr. following his endless feud with Panthers CB Josh Norman on Sunday.

A BRAVE PURCHASE. Georgia State University is buying Turner Field and turning it into a football stadium.

A TRIP TO THE WORST BOWL EVER. Speaking of Georgia State, they got matched up with San Jose State in the inaugural AutoNation Cure Bowl. SBN's Rodger Sherman was in attendance and lived to tell about it.

HE'S RELENTLESS. HE'S A JACKHAMMER. No Star Wars spoilers here, just Jim Harbaugh being the world's biggest fan of Darth Vader.

ARE YOU A BIG SEAHAWKS FAN? Wrong, actually.

UGA LOOKS LIKE ITS DOG JUST... OH. University of Georgia mascot Uga IX, known this time around as "Russ," passed away yesterday.

HE'S AN ANGRY ELF. Spurs PR decided to put a kid in a box then let it jump out and kick a referee.

WITHOUT A VALENTINE. Michigan State star Denzel Valentine will miss 2-3 weeks after having a minor arthroscopic knee procedure. He'll miss anywhere from 3-5 games including the top-ranked Spartans' Big Ten opener at Iowa.

EVERYTHING IS FINE, GIVE ME A SEC. Hawks G Dennis Schroeder lost a tooth and just, you know, stashed it in his sock.