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The Mid-Morning Dump: A Stocking Stuffer

Iowa State Basketball

HYPE BUILDING. The player of the year candidacy for Georges Niang is growing, says Travis Hines.

TOUGH TO CLOSE. This article from Sporting News says the Cyclones may not be the best team in the country, but they might be the toughest to close out.

Iowa State Football

TWO MORE COACHES. Eli Rasheed and Rudy Wade were announced as the defensive line and strength & conditioning coaches yesterday, respectively.

ANOTHER COMMIT. Lonnie Johnson, a JUCO defensive back out of Gary, Indiana, committed to ISU yesterday and could be the next "LJ."

INTERESTING. That's honestly the best adjective I can come up with to describe this video that Iowa State football released on Coach Campbell's "Grind to Greatness."

Around The Country

CAN'T WAIT. Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has read the script for Episode 8 and says it was so good that wishes he was directing the movie.

NOW THAT'S A RUN. The Oklahoma City Thunder went on a 36-2 run against the Los Angeles Lakers last night.

BASKETBALL PORN. You might not see a more beautiful basketball possession in your life than this one featuring ball movement that only the San Antonio Spurs could pull off.

STOMPED 'EM. Wanna know how to win your bowl game? Outgain your opponent by 621 yards, that's how.

JUST A GAME. People are out-of-their-minds mad at Odell Beckham Jr. for getting suspended during the fantasy football playoffs.

PAUL, RODGERS, DUDE PERFECT. The guys from Dude Perfect teamed up with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers to put together a trick shots video.