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The Mid-Morning Dump: Basketball Watch Lists and Super Heroes

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Iowa State Men's Basketball

WATCHING INTENTLY. Georges Niang and Monte Morris were named to the Naismith Trophy and Oscar Robertson Trophy watch lists on Wednesday.

NICE NAZARETH. Nazareth Mitrou-Long has been nominated for the 2016 Allstate NABC Good Works Team, an award which highlights student-athletes who have shown a dedication to service in their communities.

NIANG NOT TWITTERING. ISU's star senior forward has chosen to forego all Tweeting during his senior season.

SIZE DOESN'T MATTER. Iowa State has proven they can play with both a smaller and bigger lineup so far in 2015.

Iowa State Football

VEIDT EXCITE. Another staffing hire was made official yesterday. Tyson Veidt (pronounced "VITE") will be ISU's new linebackers coach.

QB SPREE. Matt Campbell has targeted a few quarterbacks on the recruiting trail early on in his tenure.

THIS IS AWKWARD. The 2015 MAC Coach of the Year? None other than new ISU coach, Matt Campbell.

EMBRACE CHANGE. Running backs coach Louis Ayeni's advice to Cyclone players is to give Coach Campbell a chance.

COULDN'T HOLD A CANDLE. Jason Candle, after spending two days in Ames, was named Toledo's new head coach yesterday.

FOUR WORDS. The four words that Matt Campbell follows that may end up changing Iowa State football? "Greatness is a choice."

THE COST OF CAMPBELL. The search firm that Jamie Pollard hired for the football coaching search is charging ISU $90,000 for their work. As a comparison, they charged $75,000 for the basketball search back in May.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

PANTHERS POUNDED. The Cyclones defeated UNI in Cedar Falls to improve their record to 3-3 on the year.

Around The Country

ISU VETS ARE SUPER HEROES. They helped a cat take its first steps thanks to some awesome prosthetic legs.

HYPOCRITES. Remember when BYU fans thought DeAndre Kane was a dirty player? Pot, meet kettle.

STEPH GONNA STEPH. 28 points in the 3rd quarter of a game is the latest feat for the best scorer in the world -- Stephen Curry

MOST FITTING AWARD EVER. Congratulations to Jake Butt, who now owns the B1G Tight End of the Year award.

THE NEXT LEBRON? LSU's Ben Simmons is an animal, proven by his 43-14-7-5-3 game against North Florida on Wednesday night.

GIFT GUIDE! Lucky for you, SB Nation has put together a handy gift guide for all of your holiday gift needs.

BACK AT THE U. Former Georgia head coach Mark Richt will become the next head coach at Miami.

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN. The second trailer dropped yesterday.