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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/7/15

We got some bowl games to watch.

Iowa State Basketball

HALLICE RISING. Hallice Cooke has impressed his new coach with his attitude and dedication to the game.

Iowa State Football

PROFILING CAMPBELL. Kirk Haaland runs the numbers on Matt Campbell.

HOW HE GOT HERE. The three men that were instrumental in Coach Campbell molding himself into a Power 5 head coach.

WALLY'S DONE. The elder Burnham decided that he's done with football after a couple of seasons of speculation.

Iowa State Volleyball

IT COMES TO AN END. The season is over for the ladies as they were swept by Wisconsin.

Around The Country

PIZZA PARTY! Clemson threw a massive one to celebrate ending the regular season #1.

RANKING THEM ALL. Advanced metrics to figure out which bowl games you really need to watch.

BECAUSE COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS CRAZY. The four CFP teams all had a weird moment to allow them to get into the playoff.

ART BRILES WAS WARMING UP JUST IN CASE. Baylor had to use a WR at QB after their third QB this season went down.

CONNOR COOK IS A DICK (OR NOT). Is Connor Cook the worst human being ever for possibly getting caught in the moment of a B1G Championship? P.S. the comments are gold.

THIS IS THE POWER WATCHING ROOM? The playoff committee might as well be watching in a library.

HE BETTER BE WEARING A CUP. Antonio Brown celebrates a TD by scissoring a goalpost.

PROBABLY A TRAVEL. Except the Dirk shimmy doesn't count as steps, apparently.

FAMOUS ESCAPE. Jameis Winston gets tackled short of the first down... except nope, he doesn't.

IF YOU AIN'T CHEATING, YOU AIN'T TRYING. Augsburg goalkeeper makes divots in field to cause a PK miss.

STEPH CURRY COULD ALWAYS SHOOT. The Raptors dug up film of Stephen Curry being Stephen Curry as a kid.