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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/10/15

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Iowa State Basketball

IT ALL FELL APART. Fred Hoiberg talks about the end of the first half being the beginning of the end for the Cyclones.

HOT HAND. Jameel McKay got his second straight start and put up double figures again.

ALL ISN'T LOST. Randy Peterson attempts to pump some sunshine into the loss.

MOODY DAY. Nikki Moody won her first Big 12 award since her freshman year, picking up the Big 12 Player of The Week award.

Iowa State Football

RECRUITING PARTY. Cyclonefanatic is having its annual recruiting party at the Keg Stand on Wednesday.

Around The Country

LEFT SHARK MAKES SPORTSCENTER. Of course ESPN used the Katy Perry sharks in an ad.

PAINFUL FOUL. Taking a knee to the face is still a legit blocking call.

GOOD JOB, NBA. The league isn't going to overreact to James Dolan responding to a nasty email he got.

STAR WARS NIGHT. The Dallas Mavericks had storm troopers in their huddle last night.

WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN DAVID JOHNSON. Oregon is bringing in FCS superstar Vernon Adams to try to replace Marcus Mariota.

"HE ONLY SCORED 39." Dominique Wilkins shares a story about the time Larry Bird trash talked him.

DOUBLE MISS. The Blackhawks managed not to score here.