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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/12/15

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Iowa State Basketball

ANOTHER LOSS. Some tough times for the women as well, as their road loss to Texas Tech drops them to .500 in the Big 12.

BLABBERING FROM KIRK. Kirk Haaland talks about what benchmarks determine a successful basketball season.

Iowa State Football

TAKE WINNERS. Paul Rhoads is taking advice from Tim Floyd on recruiting strategy.

HEY, THEY LIKE ONE OF OUR RECRUITS! Hakeem Butler was noted as a recruit that anonymous Big 12 coaches liked.

Around The Country

EVENTFUL OFFSEASON. The Oklahoma Sooners are going through a lot of changes after a rough season.

EVERYBODY CHEATING! It looks like even the whistle blowers in the LLWS fiasco were guilty of using ineligible players.

GRONKBALL. Rob Gronkowski was busy playing dodgeball on ice at a minor league hockey game.

BELICHICK SMILES. Yes, it happened.

AWFUL GIVEAWAY. These Mike Trout hats should be given away as punishment.

YES PLEASE. Karl Malone is down to fight Kobe Bryant.

DON'T BE MEAN TO THE SEDINS. Jamie Benn is in trouble for insinuating the Sedins get all twinsy weird together.

ARE BONELESS WINGS REALLY WINGS? Deion Branch thinks they are, so let's make this a Thursday debate.