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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/13/15

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Iowa State Basketball

REV UP THE HYPE TRAIN. Campus Insiders has a postseason hype video for Iowa State.

DOCTOR MONTE. Monte Morris diagnoses what's been wrong with his team.

OFFENSE WINS GAMES. Steve Malchow says that high scoring has been a great indicator of success in Power 5 conferences.

BOWLING BREAK. The Cyclones decided to go bowling to relieve some stress, and no surprise, Fred Hoiberg is good at that too.

JUST HERE TO WIN. Bryce Dejean-Jones has been criticized for his supposedly bad attitude, but he's saying all the right things about his move to sixth man.

Iowa State Football

WILL FOOTBALL HELP? Mitchell Meyers is hoping to use his football experience to help him through his battle with cancer.

Around The Country

ED ORGERON IS A CRAZY PERSON. Steven Godfrey recounts his saga with Ed Orgeron.

STOP WHINING, EWU. Eastern Washington is bitching up a storm about Vernon Adams transferring to Oregon.

WILL THE AIR RAID BE ENOUGH? OU is instituting widespread changes, but is the new Air Raid offense enough?

AIRBALLIN' Rutgers player airballs a layup.

IS OHIO STATE OVERSIGNING TOO? This is an interesting post on Ohio State sort of oversigning.

YOU'RE WEIRD, DWIGHT. Dwight Howard doesn't Marshawn Lynch his own nuts, he goes for a teammate's.

CALENDAR PROBLEMS. Noted racist (and subpar NFL WR) Riley Cooper was somehow featured as February in the Eagles' team calendar, which people were angry about.