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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/17/15

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Iowa State Basketball

BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY. Naz Long and Georges Niang got to Iowa State together and are as close as family now.

FIXING ROAD WOES. With a two road game week on the docket, Iowa State looks to solve their problems winning on the road.

NAZ WILL PLAY. Naz Long has a painful hip pointer, but he's going to go Wednesday against his favorite heathens.

REMINISCING. Fred Hoiberg looks back at the time the Cyclones exorcised their Gallagher-Iba demons.

SEARCHING FOR WINS. The ladies are in search of Ws to get to the NCAA tourney.

Iowa State Football

CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS AREN'T IMPORTANT? Steve Malchow is now on the "conference championships shouldn't matter" bandwagon for college football.

ANOTHER PROMOTION FROM WITHIN. Clayon Oyster has been promoted to head strength coach, after the departure of Yancy McKnight.

Around The Country

THE STEPS OF GOD. Juwan Staten hits a layup at one end while Perry Ellis Tinsleys one at the other end in West Virginia's big upset of Kansas.

I DON'T THINK HE WATCHES US. Mike Rutherford writes about the unpredictable yet boring Big 12.

WE'RE JOHN TYLER! Each President gets a school courtesy of EDSBS.

WHERE'S CLIFF? Prized recruit Cliff Alexander is getting buried on the bench at KU. Why?

NOT CREEPY AT ALL. Rivals is now listing sixth graders in their recruiting profiles.

FLOPSSIST. Indoor soccer sorta-diving header assist!

THIS ALSO HAPPENS OUTSIDE JACK TRICE WEEKLY. Turkish soccer fan tried to smuggle 24 beers into a game.